We are a couple of singer/ songwriters with many years of experience in Americana/folk. We're too country for folk & too folk for country. We're origionals who don't fit the popular mold and don't sound like anyone else. We blend traditional country, folk, blues, pop and gospe.l


When you experience Jack Remington and Dollie McFarland for the first time you immediately see two seasoned old troopers that have been down all those roads that lead through the big city nightspots and the down-home country honky-tonks. And along the way, over forty years of singing together has given them a unique sound and perspective on the world. Here is a couple who are still living their dream at a time in life when others would opt for a lawn chair and a pitcher of tea. "We never grew up," they joke. "It's arrested development."

Over the years Jack And Dollie have played everything from embassies and country clubs to down-home Texas knife-and-gun honky-tonks. They sang in the greenwich village folk clubs back in the early sixties, played the New York Worlds Fair and toured the orient with the USO back during the Viet Nam war. They were signed songwriters with Seals and Crofts' Dawnbreaker Publishing in Hollywood. Several of their songs were recorded by Nashville artists. They know how to connect with an audience and leave them wanting more.


Our CD is called Chameleon and various cut are in rotation on a number of online stations.

Set List

A typical set would be about half-and-half originals and covers. Sets are usually forty five minutes and would contain 13-16 songs. They will range through country, folk, blues, pop and gospel.
We don't cover the charts. Plenty of others are doing that.