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The best kept secret in music



Remixd debut album set for release on May 11 2007
Sunday, 25 February 2007
REMIXD DURBAN has for years trailed behind the rest of country when it comes to producing quality rap acts but is this about to change?A new rap group called Remixd which is spitting positive lyrics has emerged from a township in the north of Durban called Newlands East. Newlands East, a formerly coloured township, has earned a reputation for churning out talented musicians and artist. Newlands East was probably made popular by mid 90’s rap group T.R.O, who made the hit Bruinos we are the Maino’s. Other musical talents which have come out of Newlands East are R&B sensation Jae and Metro FM‘s 2006 best male vocalist Verd.Unbeknown to many, Carl and Vaughn Eaton who founded In Tyme Management Company – which manages Mandoza, Janine Price and Pitch Black Afro also, have their roots in Newlands East. But that’s history; Remixd is the present and plan to take Durban rap music further than it’s ever gone before. Remixd is made up of Young Pete, Gregs and Carvin H and the group released a combined album in 2005 with Spin The Flava and the video for their hit song Turn It Up has appeared on Channel O and SABC2.The group has also performed live on Judah Christian Network in Cape Town.They also had their song R.E.M.I.X.D hit number one at Radio Kingfisher in Port Elizabeth.Still relatively unknown to big music impresarios in South Africa, Remixd has already toured two states in the USA after taking up an invitation in August 2005.The group performed six gigs, three in Ohio and three in New York to the amazement of many American rap enthusiasts.The group has been running the local circuit for the past two years performing in Cape Town, Gauteng and across KwaZulu-Natal.These three young rappers may be gifted music writers and performers, but its Remixd’s musical content that has got them globe trotting.In the South African rap industry the regurgitation of familiar American musical themes has begun boring listeners leading to a decline in interest.This decline has been compounded by some rappers opting for the use of complex pontificated English in their delivery, which fly’s over the heads of most listeners’.But Remixd is bringing something new to the table.Knowledgeable positive lyrics with spiritual undertones are what characterize their debut album The Colosseum.Remixd are highly motivated, individuals with a tangible sense of optimism which they plan to bring to the local music industry. The messages of faith contained in their songs are sure to permeate the souls of men.The Colosseum has a raw, emotional intimacy with some sharp edges both musically and lyrically, ranging from storytelling to straight street preaching. Using their experiences and attained knowledge, Remixd plans to change the perception of rap music from one of negativity into a positive picture.Executive Produced by Clint Grove of Spin The Flava fame, the album includes the “hope” track Another Day which has preceded the album.The album also contains the highly emotional The Colosseum title track which is sure to cause rap lovers around the country to sit up and take musical notes.Remixd shows their creativity in creating audio movie scenes in Directors Cut – but wait for the video. The Colosseum promises to be a roller coaster ride as Remixd takes listeners musically to the dirty south, Newlands East, Durban and around the country.
- Independant Newspapers



The Combined Forces Album, that was released officially on 3rd June 2005, was a launching pad for the gospel rap group, REMIX'D, who have shown promise of being next major Gospel outift, not just in South Africa but across the World.

The album was performed by REMIX'D, together with Spin the Flava


The EP was launched by REMIXD in 2004, a self-entitled CD featuring four songs; The Cross, What! (rmx) My Life and their hit single (that has featured several times as the "pick-of-the-week" on Durban's Highway
Radio) R.E.M.I.X and reached number on Radio Kingfisher in Port Elizabeth


Feeling a bit camera shy



From the shadows of a community riddled with pessimistic perspectives on life emerges a group who will stand for their believes irrespective of the opposition. Teaching, preaching, inspiring and analysing the society we live in REMIXD use themselves to represent a generation of young and old people who are often mis-understood.Their lyrics are sharp enough to dissect perceptions and pre-conceived ideas of Christianity and the function of Hip Hop in the house of God- a concept that is still much disputed.REMIXD's hard line approach to issues in church and life are sure to ruffle some feathers and break traditional ungodly religious structures that today hold many captive.To everyone who ever hears REMIXD, be encouraged, inspired and show your hand because you are a now a member of the REMIX'D fam.


REMIXD are a three man rap outifit who were born and raised in Durban and grew up together in Newlands East, a township north of the city.

The schooled together at Newlands East Secondary School, where they were in the sam class. it was at school where they firtst fund thier youth ministry which co-incidently had nothing to do with rap music.
Newlands East Secondary School, is a school which had a bad reputation of gangsterism, teenage preganacy and drug abuse but also had extremely talented young people.
The school was in desperate need of a lighthouse, a place of refuge for learners who were needed hope.
In 1999, together with fellow students, Carvin H, Gregory, Young Pete started in the (SCA) Students Christian Assocaition which became a pillar in the school.

It was at this levle that their minsitry was estbalished but it was only in
2004 when their music ministry was realised and catapuluted.

Today they still stand side by side as young men and the Godly bond of friendship that exists between Gregs, Young Pete, and Carvin H has formed a foundation for the rap ministry that has chosen them.

Their relationship with each other is very important to each one of them and more meaningful than the music industry. But both their love for each other and music is founded on their love for Jesus, the Son of God who was sent to die for the world.

REMIX'D are still trying to come to grips with the overwhelming Grace that God has shown each one of them as individuals.

Life was not always easy for any of the members and they have all been at a place of despair at some time in their life but through it all they stood tall. It is only by the Grace of a never failing God that they stand and not one of them can boast.

It's with this in mind that they share a message of love and hope through hip hop with every one who is in need of an encouraging word.