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A group of Evangelists who use gospel rap music as an extension of the ministry.Sound and scripture based lyric's aimed at touching the heart of man.



From the shadows of a community riddled with pessimistic perspectives on life emerges a group who will stand for their believes irrespective of the opposition. Teaching, preaching, inspiring and analysing the society we live in REMIXD use themselves to represent a generation of young and old people who are often mis-understood.Their lyrics are sharp enough to dissect perceptions and pre-conceived ideas of Christianity and the function of Hip Hop in the house of God- a concept that is still much disputed.REMIXD's hard line approach to issues in church and life are sure to ruffle some feathers and break traditional ungodly religious structures that today hold many captive.To everyone who ever hears REMIXD, be encouraged, inspired and show your hand because you are a now a member of the REMIX'D fam.


REMIXD are a three man rap outifit who were born and raised in Durban and grew up together in Newlands East, a township north of the city.

The schooled together at Newlands East Secondary School, where they were in the sam class. it was at school where they firtst fund thier youth ministry which co-incidently had nothing to do with rap music.
Newlands East Secondary School, is a school which had a bad reputation of gangsterism, teenage preganacy and drug abuse but also had extremely talented young people.
The school was in desperate need of a lighthouse, a place of refuge for learners who were needed hope.
In 1999, together with fellow students, Carvin H, Gregory, Young Pete started in the (SCA) Students Christian Assocaition which became a pillar in the school.

It was at this levle that their minsitry was estbalished but it was only in
2004 when their music ministry was realised and catapuluted.

Today they still stand side by side as young men and the Godly bond of friendship that exists between Gregs, Young Pete, and Carvin H has formed a foundation for the rap ministry that has chosen them.

Their relationship with each other is very important to each one of them and more meaningful than the music industry. But both their love for each other and music is founded on their love for Jesus, the Son of God who was sent to die for the world.

REMIX'D are still trying to come to grips with the overwhelming Grace that God has shown each one of them as individuals.

Life was not always easy for any of the members and they have all been at a place of despair at some time in their life but through it all they stood tall. It is only by the Grace of a never failing God that they stand and not one of them can boast.

It's with this in mind that they share a message of love and hope through hip hop with every one who is in need of an encouraging word.


Jesus Jesus

Written By: Remixd

ladies and gentleman,boys and girls teachers and deacons,bishops evangelists and holy ghost preachers,unbelievers including lawyers and doctor's,these beggars on the streets pimps thugs and hustlers,from highways to byways city to city we welcome everybody sign up to the Godly comitte,prepare the way like how we do it when he hitting the stage,this is the vehicle that we using when we getting them saved,the devil getting mad drown me in a pool of temptation,he wanna make me a slave to this occupation,never sell myself to get the cd on the shelf,i know he carries me so i dont have to do this by myself,cause half the time all i think is judgment day ,the seperation takes place that's the price you pay,if you choose to serve Christ and turn back halfway ,find yourself driving on a never ending freeway

Chorus : Jesus Jesus
Now get your voice up in it
Jesus Jesus
Everybody scream with us
Jesus Jesus
he is the reason that im in it
Jesus Jesus
Man i know you can feel it (x2)

Verse 2
Now when the big wave hit some of the prophets were sleeping,others caught up in the hype of this prosperity preaching,devastated and lining up for food in queues while we made news like the kidnapping of Leigh Mtthews,dropping gospel news from the jail house to church pews,presenting life or death or asking man to choose,drinking water or booze eternal life win or loose,you will get blisters walking in another man's shoes,so you be you and i will try be me ,i wont try be like anybody in the music industry,im more black than white so i wont try be lilly make sure every ryme i spit on the mic is skilly
i got a song about the king an his name is Jesus ,blessed me from my head to my new sneakers,i need to breathe a bit so please freeze this

Verse 3

100 percent on point on this gospel joint
run it 100 miles per second all the way from cape to the point plus i got my homees on the side of me,remixd praise God that's set for me.i came in the game tripping with raw flame,praise him without shame,yes im born again,Jesus in you we trust,the gospel hip hop was over till the day you heard us,
Young Pete be the name crew is Remixd,evangelists of Christ dog dont trip ,easy for you all to see that we aint playing,you better stop what you doing and listen to what we saying


Turn it Up

Written By: Remixd

Turn it up
In the church or at home in your car pump it on your headphone
Turn it up
Even when you feeling down and out dont turn south

Verse 2
God bless no less i need to repeat this,open up my King james spiritual bench press,they try to impress,we try to save souls,they superstar rappers out for girls gold and glory ( preach)all these things pass away like coining in the lotto,we prosper thru the word praise the Lord that's my motto,like Joshua and Caleb we bring the glad tidings,ambassadors for Christ on wings of eagles we be gliding,commanded by the prophet survey the land of Cannan,check the giants out and if there's food therin,the Israelites fell cause they dont trust in Him,i got my friend Jesus and he's my best friend,R.E.M.IX yo that's the right guess,turn it up we leave these demons hanging like they necklace,by God's grace standing still preachin up the gospel Jesus Christ for life we take it to another level.

Verse 3

It aint colaboration, its the meeting of great minds / revealing through rhymes, the signs of the times, lexical nines that shoot lines that straighten up spines / I'm rap defined with sound lines like heaven is mine / I got more bars than a prison, you need to make a decision, its iether hell or choose heaven because the saviour is risen/ riches to riches it all returns to rust / ashes to ashes the flesh returns to dust / but the soul lives so its a must we bust / God entrusted us so in God we trust, we put the flesh to rest and crush the lust

Scars of a soldier

Written By: Gregory Cassim

Scars of a Soldier
Written by Gregory Cassim

Verse 1

I surrender all to Jesus hands lifted im down on my knees
I cant believe im still in chains when you gave me the keys
To overcome the powers of hell I fell listen up listen close ive got a story to tell
Age 15 the year was 1998 hardened heart cause my pops was late
I remember clearly the last words that he said
Pray for daddy little boy next thing you know he was dead
Life got tough my brother got saved,I used to live the life of a King but now was a slave
These are the scars of a soldier I testify the truth I gotta take you people back to my youth
My mother had it the hardest, the pain she had to endure was very hard I tell you for sure
No one knew about the crisis that we were in , growing up amongst a dying breed and living in sin

Chorus :
Have your mercies Lord as I cry this is my daily prayer
Please heal the broken heart, restore and remove, these scars of a soldier ( x2)

Verse 2 :
As we reflect and look back at the things that happened in the past
My people in pain and suffering living in trenches they could not share benches
If your skin had a different tone
Get caught in the streets at night get lashed all the way home
Forced to evacuate the places where we grew up
My family and friends were forced to live in south western townships
Picture a kid learning languages he does not want to speak
No shoes to wear and after school he got no food to eat
In 1976 they took it to the streets
Began to brawl with anything including stones and sticks
Blood was spilled slim chances of winning
That’s when the famous picture came of the kid and Hector Petersen
Published in papers recorded in books
Scholars living 20 years from now will know what it took
To bring order and peace to a separated nation
Salute my soldiers who brought this reconciliation

Chorus :
Have your mercies Lord as I cry this is my daily prayer
Please heal the broken heart, restore and remove, these scars of a soldier ( x2)

Verse 3 :
Now if you feeling like nobody loves you nobody cares
Just remember there’s a savior I can testify I ‘ve been there
Rejected all alone adopted in the family of God
I know it’s hard but He’s been there right from the start
Scars of a soldier problems were not meant to last forever
Help is on the way brother keep your mind sober
It wont be long till you visualize a bright future
Cause all things are possible so don’t you ever give up



The Combined Forces Album, that was released officially on 3rd June 2005, was a launching pad for the gospel rap group, REMIX'D, who have shown promise of being next major Gospel outift, not just in South Africa but across the World.

The album was performed by REMIX'D, together with Spin the Flava


The EP was launched by REMIXD in 2004, a self-entitled CD featuring four songs; The Cross, What! (rmx) My Life and their hit single (that has featured several times as the "pick-of-the-week" on Durban's Highway
Radio) R.E.M.I.X and reached number on Radio Kingfisher in Port Elizabeth

Set List

We normally do sets for 30 - 45 minutes
We do about 5 or 6 songs and share a passage of scripture for about 5 to 7 minutes

References :
Holy Light Pentecostal Ministries
Poughkeepsie New York
Bishop Debra E Gause
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The Church of the Four Winds
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Cleveland Ohio
tel: 216 288 2045

Assemblies of God - South Africa
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Tramway Christian Fellowship
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Harvest Outreach
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Conquering through Prayer Int
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