Remmy Featuring "The Sweet Tea Remedy"

Remmy Featuring "The Sweet Tea Remedy"


If you could take everything you loved about Acoustic Pop music, and threw in some flavors of Phish, the vocal driving force of Coldplay, and mixed it up in a blender, then you'd have Remmy in a glass jar.


Remmy Renwick likes to think that he can do it all. With his powerful driving lyrics and wide vocal range, Renwick definately hits the highest of highs on both a musical and emotional level for his audience. When playing a solo act, he creates a 'one man band' with a loop station, which he would over-dub drums, bass and harmony vocals. His featured counterpart, T.J. Muhly, who provides some real to life percussion adds to his already popular song repitoir.


"Silent City" is the name of my album, it's in the process of being mastered and finalized. To hear some examples please go to

Set List

Storybook Blues, Taste, Shadows Unfold, Keep Me Dreaming, Carlos, Country House, Silent City, Rumi and you p1, Rumi and you p2, Open Me Up, Fly To You, Barefoot. We tend to cover Phish, The Grateful Dead, and other songs that people enjoy hearing. For example, we played 'Come on eilieen' when we were working with a fiddle and horn section. In the same night we played, "the weight" by The Band, so it really varies depending on where we're at. Our sets run about an hour each and we do two per show. Granted, if it were desired, we'd play till our fingers fell off.