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Live Conscious Hip-Hop never sounded this good. Oakland based Rap Artist Remo Conscious and his band pull no punches and deliver a revolutionary power packed show with hard rhymes, deep grooves, and soulful vocals.


Rising from Oakland, California, this golden-era inspired hip-hop artist has refused to bow down to the corporate slave traders dominating todays music business, choosing instead to embrace hip-hop as a lifestyle rather than just a commercial commodity. This gifted lyricist and producer knows how to move the crowd while speaking truths about extremely controversial political and social issues.

Known worldwide for his musical contributions to the block buster 9/11 documentary movie "Loose Change", his latest effort, Infiltration, is a 13-track roller coaster ride of politics, lyrical bravado, and straight up MC skills. Featuring "Lies" and "We Know" which are featured in the movie "Loose Change", as well as many more sure-fire brain sparkers. Producers who worked on this album include Donnan Linkz (Embedded Music/Uncle Howie Records), Seth Spins, Adamatic (Bomb Hip-Hop Records), and DigDug (Agartha Audio).

Coming from humble beginnings, and with modest means, REMO has hit his stride. From his modest studio in Oakland, California he continues to perfect his craft, bring his musical visions to life, and create powerful and truthful music for the heart, mind and soul.





It may have started with the Easter Bunny
or St. Nicolas even more ridiculous the Tooth Fairy
From there we’re forced to recite the pledge - Hail Mary
One nation under god? Why us?
Don’t question son you’ll burn in hell
Pay attention to the lies that we’re told to tell
Teacher teaches us Columbus was a hero – he stole lands
He stole lives of so called Indians
From the Tainos to the Africans – respect Thomas Jefferson?
he molested Sally Hemmings
And now they say Regan was a great man
The godfather of Crack Babies – denier of the AIDS plague
I ran fast as I could to the library
To find out they trace the books I read
these lies got me surrounded there’s a war on truth
And it all may have started with that first lost tooth

Lies, its all lies
Everything they say
Lies, they keep telling lies
We hear em’ everyday
Do you think that we don’t know
That you’re up to no good
When you’re tellin’ lies

They say milk does a body good! How so, it
causes disease-don’t trust me read about
BGH and IGF-1
The Dairy industry has us drinking poison
Got Milk? Better yet, how ‘bout Got Cancer?
Got a sick prostate and you’re looking for answers?
And while we trust the FDA to protect us
These mad cows are milking us all the way to the bank
From cell phones to pharmaceuticals
children forced vaccinations that carry plague and chemicals
Corporate thugs push drugs like evangelists push miracles
Monsanto, Bayer, Proctor and Gamble
Fluoride in our water supply has got us cockeyed
And still they lie
Telling us it’s for own good
First used in Nazi prison camps now it’s in our hoods


From Fox News to the New York Post
and all and these lying Neo-Con right-wing news show hosts
Bill O’Reilly makes me nauseous, Hanity and Colmes are drones for these greedy corporate monsters
Feeding lies to the public, they love it, we’re puppets
Intimidated and Controlled by color codes
Where lie becomes truth and truth becomes myth
Lost in the Rupert Murdoch and Clear Channel abyss
If you don’t agree with Bush then you’re un-patriotic
Even though you’ve never known a man this psychotic
In control of the so called land of brave
We’ve become timid and afraid eager to become slaves
The Patriot Act is for the good of the people
Is like saying the Bush Regime will protect us from evil
How many lies can they tell in just four years
I say the worst is yet to come so it’s time to prepare


We saw the towers fall to ashes like they where laced with bombs
Are you sure only 2 planes did that harm?
You told us flight 77 hit the Pentagon
But there’s no photo of parts man plus the science is wrong
You let it happen, like FDR did Pearl Harbor
So you could profit from war just like your father
Taking lives and oil in the name of freedom
While innocent are either tortured, left homeless or bleeding
Death to America – is what they scream
while you preach freedom and the American dream
Troops dying, mother crying, still to trying to cope
While your denying, that the dangers from Iraq was a hoax
Your not a man of the people just a product of evil
Greed, Power and God, a combination that’s lethal
So deceitful it’s criminal but soon the truth will rise


The Real Bogeyman


The Real Bogeyman (Tonton Macoute)

Gunshots rippin holes through my dreams at night
Insomnia’s got me swingin’ at the sunlight
I go 24 rounds with the clock that stays vibrant
Like the red lights of a siren
I see the vultures circling the avenue
Attitude full tilt badge askew
Police want to cease the heartbeat of the street
They greet black and brown bodies like a Klan’s mans party
Put your hands up, you’re under arrest
if you breathe too loud might get a hole in your chest
there is no equality their policy is simple
Black, brown, yellow, guns to your temple
they’ve got quotas to make and prisons to pack
Prosecutors to pay to keep you locked in a trap
it’s legalized slavery corporately sponsored
Drop your childhood fears these are the real Bogie Monsters

Now the Bogeyman ain’t got soul
Ya better watch your back when he’s on patrol
He might beat you, rob you, or shoot you down
The Bogeyman is in your town
From East to West - North to South
Scream if you know who I’m talkin’ about
The Bogeyman

Sidewalk cracks are full of dried up life and
cried up tears from a young mans strife
who never held a gun only a dark face
was born in that place of poverty and waste
Collided with the Bogeyman after dark
With only concrete to witness why the gun barked
Mother left alone hand clenching her heart
As memories revealed his life from its start
He was a brown eyed beautiful intelligent child
Could have been a doctor, scientist, architect, president, intellect was evident
But now the world is one mind further from excellence
Though he held no weapon cop said he was threatening
Perhaps he could see what this young man could be
A leader for lost in this ghetto holocaust
where you might bleed to death before you get free

Now the Bogeyman don’t give a damn
If you see him run as fast as you can
He’s licensed to kill so you better believe
For shootin’ you dead he gets a two week leave
He’s got chip on his shoulder, ego in his holster
A bad attitude, he’s a terrible dude
The Bogeyman

Now what you hear is not a tale I’m telling it like it is
From the Bay to the Bronx Miami to Shy Town you know him as a pig
He likes to bang bang, beat up your body with a fist or a shotty
Bogeyman gets naughty
Shining lights in your face slappin’ cuffs on your wrist
Planting evidence in your car
Say San Quentin or Ricers Isle
If you ever got down with the Bogeyman’s style
Badge shiny as his gun keeping people on the run
He doesn’t do it to be mean he does it just for fun
You might hear him chuckle while your knees buckle
Night sticks smash bone and muscle staying conscious is a must
Cause if your eyes close many already know
It’s ashes to ashes and dust to dust

I hope you all enjoyed my story
‘bout the Bogeyman and his claim to glory
Better know your rights and be ready to fight
‘Cause he’ll beat your dead in broad day light
The badge, the gun, the code of silence
The innocent trapped by the hands of violence
The Bogeyman



Verse 1

I had a dream about a headless child
He lay stacked on his parents in a headless pile
Star spangled banner hammered out his chest
Nobody questioned there were no arrests
I looked towards the sky for answers
And watched the bombs fall spreading like cancers
I didn’t run I was ready to die
Mortified my taxes paid for the planes in the sky
Though I fight so hard to blight these Czars
These Stripes and stars leave bites and scars
Infecting the world with a fear and death while
Perfecting the art of war and theft
So my tongue holds my heart fearless and loud
Speaking revolution to an ear-less crowd
While seeking a solution for the here and now
But how when the past still survives in shrouds


Dreams, dreams go away
Come again some other day
When man changes his violent ways
And love parade’s it’s peaceful rays
I know I’m not the only one
Who watches moonlight chase the sun
Dreams, go away
And come again some other day

Verse 2

I suffer from insomnia so you could say
While yours is 24 there’s 48 in my day
I used to fight it with tinctures and teas
But have come to embrace this restless disease
If only when I closed my eyes
I wouldn’t see the faces of death, breathless babies left
molested by machine guns vexed
If I could get some shut eye
what I would give to sleep one night
And not fight with the thought of children dying
Cause they keep lying, and flags keep waiving
Misbehaving grown ups run the planet
They planned it, the enslaving of minds
Money makes the world go boom
Our future’s doomed
Maybe tonight I’ll get some sleep
And if I never wake up I’ll finally rest in peace


Verse 3

They killed JFK
Blew up the world trade
Illegal wars
Government whores
IBM the holocaust
Corporate gain, human loss
World strife
Bullet knife
Grenades raids
Bloody nights
Moms, Daughters
Sons and bombs
Fathers, Uncles
Heroine crack
Syphilis Cancer HIV
Right left
Life death
We Fight to live
Then live to death
Take one last breath
And say goodbye
Did you stand for yours
Or live a lie
Did you fear the answers to the questions why
Hoping they went away when you closed your eyes


Single-Down to the Wire b/w Let M Live (2003)
EP-Thought Criminal: Journal of a Serial Thinker (2005)
Album - Infiltration (2007)

Set List

Loose Change
We Know
The Real Bogeyman
Let Me Live
Justified Homicide
Do Anything
Land of the Robots