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""on a mission to restore hip-hops legitimacy""

Bay Area native reMo'Conscious is on a mission to restore hip-hop's legitimacy with phonetic anvils and conscious rhymes for the next generation. Dropping steady boom-bap beats with the same passion and fun as Little Brother, reMo'Conscious, like most underground providers of hip-hop (Sol Uprising, Common), delivers with one notion in mind: optimism.
- C-Net (Editor's Review)

""embraces Hip Hop as a lifestyle""

Straight outta the yay is Hip-Hop's, reMo' Conscious with his debut EP, "Thought Criminal-Journey Of A Serial Thinker" (Soul Cipher Records). After peepin' his tracks, I was impressed to hear a west coast emcee reppin' the "415" comin' politically correct. After listening to his lyrics, reMo' Conscious embraces Hip-Hop as a lifestyle rather than just a commercial commodity. Cuts like "The Real Bogeyman" & "Justified Homicide" stood out for me. - (Nasty Nes)

""This six track effort is surely a comprehensive display of reMo's capability as an artist.""

reMo' Conscious - Journal of a Serial Thinker (Soul Cipher)
Being introduced to reMo' Conscious politically driven lyrics and aggressive rhythms on his 12" single Down To The Wire. I was anticipating more militant musings on his new EP, but found Thought Criminal: Journal of a Serial Thinker reflects a more versatile reMo' on both beats and in rhyme.

This message filled 6-track EP differs conceptually from cut to cut. Opening with like the funky The Real Bogeyman, on which he explains how crooked police personifies that monster you feared as a child. Not only is this CD socially conscious, but also cover matters of the heart as relayed on the love inspired I've Been Waiting. Time is yet another track that's on the personal tip (produced by Donnan Linkz) on this one reMo' touches on the issue of being single father and also an artist trying to pursue a career in music.

Most of the songs take on a mellow tone. With the exception of Justified Homicide, which squashed my assumption that reMo had totally abandoned his hardcore musical tendencies.

The only track that might put some gloom in your day is the apocalyptic The Future Is Doomed. Which reminds me of music I would hear on that TV series The Third Wave.

This six track effort by is surely a comprehensive display of reMo's capability as an artist.

And as the EP title indicates, it seems that reMo has a lot on his mind so we can expect some mo' conscious material from this rebel. - (Koldstone)

""Brace yourself""

This spitter calls the Bay Area home, but his poetics are poignant to everyone in this world that he calls doomed. Rapping like a reporter with his ear to the street, Remo is pushed to the edge by "The real Bogeyman," but eventually gets revenge on the Mission Impossible-esque "Justified Homicide" In between, the impassioned emcee gets deep on "Lies," an emotional expose that finds the conscious-one waxing conspiracy theorist about the Bush administration, 9-11, milk hormones and fluoride in the water. Brace yourself. AL
- URB Magazine (May 05')

""Compared to Remo Conscious, Eminem might as well be Justin Timberlake.""

I was watching the film "Loose Change," a controversial documentary about 9/11, when I first heard "Lies" by Remo Conscious; A soft hip hop beat complete with sample. But the beat isn't what got my attention. What got my attention were the lyrics written by this white MC from Oakland California. "We saw the towers fall to ashes like they where laced with bombs/Are you sure only 2 planes did that harm." I was immediately intrigued and decided to check out his myspace.

Remo's myspace is fully equipped with merchandise, a paypal store for his album, and an image of his 12" vinyl on Soul Cipher Records. He's even got a Google Video window set up so that you can watch "Loose Change" in it's entirety. But after you get over the "Click here for new T-shirts" banner with a drawing of the twin towers with the "Lies" lyrics written on them, you wonder if the songs themselves can live up to such bold imagery. They can.

"Land of the Robots," from his forth-coming full length release, takes a stab at democracy, of what he feels to be a lack of. "We’re headed for extinction/We could stop it now but that would take some thinking/And why that when we can sit back and watch TV/Channels of junk pumped through electronic IVs." I think I'll let Remo's lyrics do most of the talking in this review. Not afraid to stand behind any conspiracy theory and prove it true, Remo is underground rap's Rage Against the Machine. In just four myspace tracks, he addresses 9/11, War, Abortion, Global Warming, and much much more.

On the track "Time," Remo talks about economical issues and the gap between the rich and poor (without the fuel of Hurricane Katrina, the song is from early 2005); An old school hip hop beat with a Jay-Z/Kanye West type sample repeating through the entire track. He's certainly not one for subtleties; the main page of his website features a picture, a link to enter, and the phrase "9/11 was an inside job!" In "Time," he even compares George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler.

Remo seems to have quite a loyal fan base, with comments from users like "Conscious of Remo" and picture postings of the first Baptist Church with "Osama Bin Ladan works for the CIA" on their welcome sign. He may be too controversial to ever see fame, but that may be his exact point. Compared to Remo Conscious, Eminem might as well be Justin Timberlake. From an outsiders point of view, I think he would rather his mesage be heard than his music, which is very commendable.

-ES - MySpace Music Review


Single-Down to the Wire b/w Let M Live (2003)
EP-Thought Criminal: Journal of a Serial Thinker (2005)
Album - Infiltration (2007)



Rising from Oakland, California, this golden-era inspired hip-hop artist has refused to bow down to the corporate slave traders dominating todays music business, choosing instead to embrace hip-hop as a lifestyle rather than just a commercial commodity. This gifted lyricist and producer knows how to move the crowd while speaking truths about extremely controversial political and social issues.

Known worldwide for his musical contributions to the block buster 9/11 documentary movie "Loose Change", his latest effort, Infiltration, is a 13-track roller coaster ride of politics, lyrical bravado, and straight up MC skills. Featuring "Lies" and "We Know" which are featured in the movie "Loose Change", as well as many more sure-fire brain sparkers. Producers who worked on this album include Donnan Linkz (Embedded Music/Uncle Howie Records), Seth Spins, Adamatic (Bomb Hip-Hop Records), and DigDug (Agartha Audio).

Coming from humble beginnings, and with modest means, REMO has hit his stride. From his modest studio in Oakland, California he continues to perfect his craft, bring his musical visions to life, and create powerful and truthful music for the heart, mind and soul.