Remotely Controlled

Remotely Controlled


Remotely Controlled play melodic indie rock incorporating the organic tones of wurlitzer keyboard, both fuzzy and spacey guitars, and an engaging yet dreamy vocal style.


Guitarist and vocalist Jeremy Kirkland has been writing music since acquiring his first guitar at age 16. Shortly thereafter, Remotely Controlled was born. Collaborating with various musicians throughout the evolution of the band, he found a creative counterpart in keyboardist/singer Catharine Hucks. After spending months in their Peterborough, Ontario home studio writing and coming up with a new vision for the band, they emerged with the self-recorded Jacknife EP. Soon after, the band began to test out the new material on the road.

After a show in Ottawa, the band attracted the attention of producer Shawn Bradley (Mellowdrone, Palo Alto, Scott Weiland). With Bradley, they recorded the single Mystery Solved in May 2007. After various line-ups, a stable trio has emerged with drummer Casey Benson completing the band. The band are continuing to write and record more material, and plan to do more extensive touring.

Stepping away from the current indie-rock trends, Remotely Controlled experiment with various effects on the wurlitzer piano and guitar and blends them with unique and emotion-rich vocals. They draw influence from the early 90s, combining British shoegaze with American grunge and Canadian indie rock. The goal remains to create distinct art that always provokes interest, no matter the musical background of the listener.


Mystery Solved (Single)
1. Mystery Solved
2. Boy On A Hill

Jacknife (EP)
1. Jacknife
2. Framed Mind
3. New Guard

Set List

New Guard, Mining, Take Aim, Mystery Solved, Boy On A Hill, Jacknife, The Rain, Lost Icon, Framed Mind

Set is usually around 40 mins.