Remote Rebel Radio

Remote Rebel Radio


Dirty pop rock with melodic, driving guitars, solid bottom end bass and drums and searing vocals.


Drawing influences from early punk, modern grunge, emo, progressive, and metal, this quartet out of Manassas, VA puts forth an electric sound for the 21st century. The live show is energetic and interactive. Fans have been seen breaking out in spontaneous dance and "rock bobs". Musically this group performs songs that are emotional and strong. Adding to that, the music is a combination of eloquence and toughness.


Let It Digest - freshman release, 2008

Set List

Letting Go
I Can't
Bring Me Down With Me
The Blame
The Walk
She Says
14 Years
It Starts
New material as it's finished.
Typical set is all 10 songs lasting approximately 45 minutes. Can be tailored for shorter set times.