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If Forever Could Be Longer

Written By: Antonio Mole III

We must've been acquainted in a former life
Might've been lovers, best of friends, or a lucky man and wife
Or you might've been the girl that I was yearning for
In all the dreams of that past life and generations more
We could've been just strangers who had met by chance
And then left each other flushed after we shared a glance
Or I could've been the friend that you had thought you lost
Only to come back to remind you that I loved you most
Maybe two children split apart by time and circumstance
Still too young to even think that they could play romance
A king and queen, a tragic pair, a most unusual two
We could imagine to the sky what could've all been true
But for any history, be it truth, myth or lore
All I want's to hold you near now and forevermore

If forever could be longer than it is
If together we'd be stronger than we please
Then forever never ever shall we part
Neither destiny nor choice of man can separate our hearts

It must've been a million years I've longed for you
A million years I've dreamt to gaze upon your eyes so blue
Though reluctant to let the world see that I never had stopped hoping
You taught me long ago that a broken heart can still be stolen
And so I wait forever for the promise made
From that life that passed us by as time began to fade
And if it happens that I'm waiting for a broken word
Then forever must be shorter in this world absurd
And tomorrow might have happened a long time ago
It must've been a sin to ever let you go

And if forever could be longer than it is
If together we'd be stronger than we please
Then forever may we never be apart
May time and distance not conspire to will away our beating hearts

It must've been a nightmare, just a fleeting dream
That apart we ever were, a vision bleak and grim
Even if the heavens willed it so, I'd disallow
For our gazes to be rended, replaced by a vow
And as easy as it is to say I wouldn't have let go
It's much harder to imagine that I'd take the blow
But there's no use trying to argue the follies of the past
When after generations of my dreams, they're fulfilled at last
And while you coyly glance at me and I flash a smile
All I want's to hold you now and everlasting while