Laurel, Maryland, USA

My stuff mixes in my interests in politics, alternative theories of creation, and science fiction blended with my love and respect for pop music forms from surf rock to funk in one single blend for a uniquely strange and fun ride.


John R. Yeh, not to be confused with Grammy award winning classical clarinetist John Bruce Yeh, is a long time bass player in the Baltimore/Washington metro area. He has played bass in many genres for many local bands including the country rock punk of the Usurpers, electronic jamming via Aubergine 3, and folk/acoustic act Jeff Aug.

He is currently a sound engineer who works for the Montpelier Cultural Arts Center and the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. As an engineer, he has run live sound for some of the jazz greats in the area including Ron Holloway, Buck Hill, Ethel Ennis, and Keter Betts. He has also run sound for some legendary jazz acts as they come through town including McCoy Tyner, Bobby Hutcherson, Bobby Sanabria, and Sir Roland Hanna.

Besides music, Mr. Yeh works as an art curator at the Montpelier Cultural Arts Center and an arts advisory panelist for the Maryland State Arts Council.


As a musician:
Jeff Aug, The Last Enlightening Moment Before Sleep Prevails, Diesel Boy Records, 1995;
Jeff Aug, In the Breezeway, Diesel Boy Records, 1996;
Brandon, Brandon, Marlboro Records (Europe) Diesel Boy Records (US), 1997;
Aubergine 3, In All Things Modulation, Transistor Records, 2002;
John Yeh, The Sountrack from the 90's Remake of That 60's Space Martian Go-Go Movie, Jren Records, 2003

As an engineer:
Caribean Art Jazz Ensemble, Live at Montpelier, CAJE Records, 1998;
Sir Roland Hanna and Davey Yarborough, Royal Essence A Tribute to Duke Ellington Live at Montpelier, JazzMont Records, 1999;
Buck Hill, Uh Huh! Live at Montpelier, JazzMont Records, 2000;
Keter Betts, Pinky's Waltz Live at Montpelier, JazzMont Records, 2002;
Ron Holloway, Ron Holloway and Friends Live at Montpelier, JazzMont Records, 2003;
Ronnie Wells and the Ron Elliston Quintet, A Very Precious Love Live at Montpelier, Jazz Karma Records, 2003;
Ron Kearns, Live at Montpelier, Foxhaven Records;
Ethel Ennis, Ennis Anyone? Live at Montpelier, JazzMont Records, 2005.

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