Renaisoft Interactive Productions

Renaisoft Interactive Productions


A collaborative of likeminded songwriters and producers that tastefully blend contemporary sounds with traditional technique.


Renaisoft Interactive was established in 1987 by Forrest McFeeters and Darrelle Kennedy, it is an independently owned production company that endeavors to provide quality audio and web production. Due to the immense talents of great musicians like John Holmes, Kenneth Harris, Vincent Crenshaw and others, this company has created some of the most innovative and progressive music to date.

The concept of this company represents what we believe to be a rising trend for small music engineers in the 21st century. An affordable, practical company with an open atmosphere for creativity and productivity. A company which yeilds quality work that is equal to that of major recording companies.


"Make It Funky"
"All this Love"
"Your Name"
"Imagine This"
"Pure Thoughts"

Set List

R&B, Jazz, Usually a two to four hour set in an inimate jazz club setting.