Renato Motha e Patricia Lobato

Renato Motha e Patricia Lobato


The melodies, lyrical guitar work and evocative rhythms reveals deep sensitivity and provide pleasant surprises around each corner. Above all, it is the disarming beauty of the vocals that seem to flutter here and there like some exotic rain forest butterfly.


Renato Motha and Patricia Lobato are one of the most beautiful voices of the brazilian music’s their generation; they are a couple who is already adored in Minas Gerais (their state in Brazil) and has been recognized and admired throughout Brazil and other countries. Their vocal blending is perfect, of rare and precious harmony.

Renato Motha is one of the quintessential artists on the Mineiro (out of Minas Gerais state - Brazil) music scene; he has released 8 albums in Brazil, Japan and USA, enthusiastically received by the public and critics. The quality of his work as a composer, interpreter and guitarist has already reached national acclaim. His music delivers musical integrity, expressive arrangement and is highlighted by his unic sound and interpretation. His art lays its roots in the purest Brazilian music, his main source of inspiration, as well as in other influences like classical, jazz, and contemporary music.

Patricia Lobato is a singer and percussionist of Brazilian music. Her crystalline voice and very original interpretation make the performances mix harmoniously pop and classic songs with elegance and emotion. She has released 4 albums with her partner Renato Motha.


SHABDS para a paz - 2007 Abaky/Sonhos e Sons Brazil, NRT Japan, Spirit Voyage USA. Kundalini Yoga mantras with a brazilian touch.

PLANOS – 2005 NRT Japan

DOIS EM PESSOA – 2004 Sonhos e Sons Brazil, NRT Japan, double CD with 24 poems of Fernando Pessoa set to music and interpreted by the couple. Special guests: Amaranto, Bob Tostes and Vander Lee.

CAIXA DE SONHOS – 2003 Brazil – Movieplay. Re-labeling of BRASILEIRO.

TODO – Renato Motha, 2001 Brazil - Paulus, Patricia Lobato as special guest.

ANTIGAS CANTIGAS BRASILEIRAS – 1999 Sonhos e Sons Brazil, 2006 NRT Japan, Zaira Fernandes Mota as special guest

TRILHA DAS MÃOS – Renato Motha, 1999 Sonhos e Sons Brazil. Solo work composed for contemporary dance (Dudude Herrmann). All the instruments, except by the acoustic guitar, are performed using body and voice sounds.

AMARELO – Renato Motha, 1998 Sonhos e Sons Brazil. Special guests: Ivan Lins, Bob Tostes, Marku Ribas and Patricia Lobato.

BRASILEIRO – Renato Motha, 1994 Brazil. Special guests: Marcus Viana, Nivaldo Ornelas and Toninho Horta.

Set List

15 songs / total time: 1 hour
Set list:
1) Menina da Lua - Renato Motha
2) Amarelo - Renato Motha/Patricia Lobato
3) Flor de Mim - Renato Motha
4) Todo - Renato Motha
5) Tanto, tanto - Renato Motha
6) Entre - Renato Motha/ Vander Lee
7) Tinha de ser - Renato Motha/Fernando Brant
8) Assim seja - Renato Motha/Patricia Lobato/Fernando Pessoa
9) Alegre ou Triste? - Renato Motha/Patricia Lobato/ Fernando Pessoa
10) Haicai Baião - Renato Motha/Valter Braga
11) A Roda - Renato Motha
12) Mana - Renato Motha
13) Formas - Renato Motha e Malluh Praxedes
14) Chega de melancolia - Renato Motha
15) Depois de amanhã - Renato Motha/Patricia Lobato/Fernando Pessoa