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Renda Writer is a spoken word poet with a dose of hip-hop influence. His charisma and stage presence are unmatched, and he always puts on a good show. People like him because he's real.


“That’s my real hand!” - If you ever met Renda Writer, chances are he said exactly that as he handed you his business card with a picture of his actual hand, writing on yellow legal paper. It’s all handwritten - phone number, e-mail address, website – – and most importantly, occupation: Poet & Open Mic Host.

As a poet, Renda started writing consistently in 2000, while living in New York City. He spent his days jotting down thoughts in notebooks while promoting comedy clubs to street corner pedestrians, and spent his nights performing at poetry slams and open mics all over the city, including The Nu-Yorican Poets Café and The Bowery Poetry Club.

Renda soon parlayed his high visibility on the New York City scene into a few notable credentials, including a third-place performance at Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre and his first paid gig - as the opening act for comedian Rick Shapiro’s 4-week show at The Bowery Poetry Club. In 2003, he beat out thousands of others to become one of the top five finalists on the CBS reality TV show Cupid, produced by Simon Cowell of American Idol. His 11-week appearance on the show allowed his poetry to be seen and heard by over 8 million viewers. Renda moved to South Florida in 2004, and focused on making a career out of his creativity.

Renda had the honor of opening up for HBO Def Poet, Georgia Me, at Miami’s famed Mello Mondays and was given his own feature billing at the same venue 3 months later. In June 2006, Renda performed his poem “Trullsions” in front of 500 people at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale’s annual fashion show. Later, he was interviewed on the internet-broadcast ratio talk show, “The Spoken Word” on, where he promoted the release of his debut experimental poetry CD, “Eclectic Poetic.” The CD features 33 tracks that are “worth listening to twice,” according to journalist Jake Smith, who reviewed the album for the New Times Magazine in August 2006. The issue was still on the stands when he performed alongside comedians, rock bands, and rap groups for a crowd of 500 at Rock the Vote in Hollywood, FL. That same month, Renda became the Delray Beach Grand Slam Champion, earned a spot on the city’s team, and a trip to the National Poetry Slam in Austin, TX.

As an open mic host, Renda has unified the South Florida independent scene by hosting 3 successful weekly open mics and a poetry slam, landing him countless mentions in local print media - The Sun-Sentinel, Boca Raton Times, City Link, and New Times Magazine. His notoriety led him to other hosting opportunities, including a fundraiser for Kids in Distress, opening night of the Red Eye multi-media art exhibit at ArtServe in Ft. Lauderdale, and the monthly launch party for Us Artists Magazine. Throughout the year, Renda hosts numerous Stand-Up Comedy and Spoken Word Poetry Showcases, as well as his signature Demo Critique Night. He is also a freelance writer, specializing in music-related articles for Heat Beat and Us Artists Magazine.

Influences include Jim Morrison, Saul Williams, KRS-One, Gil Scott-Heron, Anti-Pop Consortium, Def Poetry Jam, and all the local artists who perform at his open mics.

Renda Writer is available for poetry performances, special event bookings, and freelance work. If interested, please contact him at


Brand New

Written By: Renda Writer

Brand new
Brand spankin’ new

Dealt a new hand
Feelin’ like a brand new man

On the top of a hill
Overlookin’, lookin’ over the old land

That I once ran from
But now I stand as one

Stand up, stand tall, stand still, stand above
I’m this close to understanding love

Fizzle or sizzle
Regret or forget

Persist or resist
This is the best feeling yet

It becomes clear as it gets near

No longer critical
Strong stride

Arrive at the pinnacle,
The peak

I’ve been given a little bit of a peak,
At the future – and now the incline doesn’t seem that steep

Close enough to see
It’s texture

Tuff texture
Texture tuff

I put a solid scuff
On the smooth surface of fear

Now what must I do?
I must persevere

Claim what’s mine
Two steps at a time

One step away
Even one successful day can push the stress away

It’s a plan that’s well executed
A fact that’s never refuted

Whatever’s clever
I’m forever rooted

In a good mood
Now how did I do it?

Well, I learned that life is a lesson
A collection of lessons to learn from

The first lesson that I learned is that learning is never done
And this is a permanent one

Feels like I’m on the brink of something big
Something huge – gigantic, romantic, planted in fertile soil

Something to big to wrap my arms around
I think I finally found oil

Loyal to change
Life is more than a game

Life’s a bitch
Some people say this

But life is what you make it
So face it, embrace it, and make the positive switch

I realized this
And I thought of this poem

A brand new poem

But foolish of me to think
That even ink could properly convey what I say and I think

So I never even wrote this poem down
No longer down, no longer in the background, no longer broken down

Feeling used
Used to be true

Feeling abused
Used to be true

I used to feel used
But now I feel brand new

I said I used to feel used
But now I feel brand new

The Peddler

Written By: Renda Writer

I find pleasure in the simple pleasures in life
Like writing and riding my bike
And sometimes…at the same time

Best of both worlds
When I ride and I write
Especially at the same time

You see,
I'm a peddler
And I used to be a peddler

Not a beggar, but a peddler
You see a peddler has a product to sell

And I sold comedy club tickets
On the streets of New York City
For three years straight

Straight commission
A Peddler
A Salesman
A Peddler
A Hustler
A Peddler
A Promoter
A Peddler
A peddler in Times Square
I used to peddle in the square

But now I pedal in circles
On my bicycle
On my way to going somewhere

Writing and riding
Way out there

A peddler on the pedals of my bike
Pedaling over the rose petals of life

Stop and smell the roses

A Peddler...
In more ways than one
Now the wheels are really turning
In more ways than one

And that's what I'm pedaling for
Pedaling far
Pedaling fast
By far
The fastest way to creatively think
Mental and physical link
Into the ink

Living life on a bike
Is like living life in perpetual motion
With the motion of all seven oceans

Until I get a flat

Hole in the inner tube interlude
Change the subject
Change gears
Change lanes
It all came from a strange brain

Marker in my hand
No hands on the breaks
Notebook in my hand
No hands on the bars

Hands busy reachin' for stars
Hands busy reachin' for Mars
Why should I keep 'em on the handle bars?

This is just a sample of the ample art
Life art, bicycle art
I write life on a bicycle – smart

The peddler likes to embark
On a pedal driven mission without driving
Written while I'm riding
Driven without driving

Pedal to the metal
Worth a pedal gold medal
The motion is produced
But the flow is incidental

How many spokes on a tire?
How many thoughts in my mind?
How many lines on a page?

Forward motion taught me
That time never stays
I plan and pray for the best
I used to write at a desk
But had to find better ways to express
Cause my mind strays when I'm stressed
But my mind sprays best when at rest
But in motion
Pedal driven devotion

Nobody's ever written on a bike like me
Not likely, not likely done
Well It might have been done
But not like me
A free spirit that rides free
I ride hands free
A free spirit
That's what I decided to be

I decided to be
The peddler


Written By: Renda Writer

I’m feeling pensive
Extensive time is spent
Bent at the angle of a swan’s neck

A half of a heart
Whole heartedly searching for another swan’s neck to connect

Symmetrical feather-covered flesh
Representative of the love that I long to posses

Two long necks
Curved archs
Even when apart, hearts start to mesh

Now it may sound far-fetched
But a starving heart only fed carnal sex
Targets love but misses and starts to starve to death

Now keep the swans together, yes
Hardened by the test
But softened by a tender heart within the dark depths of a scarred chest

Hardly any heart left
Daily denial of swan death

The city is a beast
And its heart is Central Park, where the two swans rest

Well rested, protected, untested by city neglect
We are the swans
The swans are us
Right between the eyes – we touch

It’s a complete picture
Picture this
A picture perfect bliss exists
On swan lake, if I’m not mistaken miss

Act upon fate
See how the swans relate to this

Bare feet dangle in the lake by the fish
Just beyond the stairs and the fountain
High, but grounded
The square peg didn’t fit
But the square peg rounded
When it found this
It’s rare but I found it, and pronounced it like this


And the swans heard us
And they swam over to us and gave us a kiss

No wait
That never happened

I just imagined it
Cause you don’t exist

This poem is just a wish
You don’t exist
Just ink in a pen held tight in a closed fist

You don’t exist
But the swans do
But what do the swans do,
In the winter?

They leave the lake heartless
Hearts break bitter

The lake can’t take the litter
And I can’t take the fate of a quitter
But I give up
Cause next summer the swans might not show up

Or I might not be there to see them
I guess it was wrong for us to try to be them

So I’m left half-hearted


Debut Experimental Poetry Release - "Eclectic Poetic" - May 2006

*Cubicle Cages - Featured on Inoculated Radio's Podcast - Show #13 (Hour 2)

Set List

Renda Writer's typical set is a 45 min-1 hour show featuring performances of all 30+ poems from his CD (Eclectic Poetic), plus additional poems, the stories behind the poems, some motivational speaking, and a sampling of his open mic hosting repertoire.

Renda Writer is a solo spoken word poet and usually performs as such.

It should also be noted that in addition to his interest in being booked as a solo performance poet, Renda can also provide any venue with a diverse line-up of varied entertainers for a "variety show" with a full roster of talent from all genres.

Having hosted various open mics for the past few years in South Florida, Renda has contacts with people of all performance genres who are more than willing to hit the road for gigs.