Render brings the philosophy of orginal music to it's truest form. Render is hard Rock mixed with power melodies, we promise to leave you Refreshed and curious for more. Open your ears and we will open your mind...This is Render.


Render is an ongoing evolution of writing and creating music that stands alone. Established in early 2003, Render brought to fruition, the imagination and idea of challenging themselves by collectively writing above what they each as individuals can already accomplish. There is always a first in any new music revolution. Render is that sound. In December 2005, Render opened for "Jimmy's Chicken Shack" at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, Pa and had a packed house on their feet with an energetic show that is at the heart of every live performance. Music is what sets them on fire, it is their passion and Render's live performances are meant to express just that. Render believes that musicianship and originality are the key elements to becoming and remaining a mainstay in this everchanging industry we call music. Render feels there isn't a greater feeling next to watching people sing back to them what they created from nothing. Music, that otherwise would never exist.


The Mugshot EP, six songs, all original, about 25 original songs all together, with some covers that anyone would greatly appreciate.

Set List

All original, but not always in order, we usually play between 45 minute sets and a full 2 hours.