Powerful modern rock with an immediate head turning performance. renderd captures its fans and new listeners abroad instantly with their freight train like rhythms memorable melodies and undeniable hooks!


“Brew city modern rock at its best”

Milwaukee is a city made famous by its beer and breweries... so why not top it off with one of the best Midwest emerging modern rock acts! Formed in 2004 renderd is a well-oiled modern rock group from a low-key city and blue-collar aesthetic. There is not a band in the circuit that does not claim to transcend genres, eclipse traditional stereotypes and yet few of them exceed. Renderd is different, they do not make that claim they just let the music speak volumes for them.
The vibrant rock quartet delivers an immediate hook and punch that impress the most sour face rock fan being compared to the likes of heavy hitting bands as Default, 3 Days Grace and Nickleback. Fichtner takes the sound to the next level punching through the music with vocals that bleed an undeniable hook and passion. “I brought passionate more emotional melodies to the rest of the bands heavier history with a more melodic sensibility,” explains singer/guitarist Joshua Fichtner. With the heavy background the rest of the band was used to the sound is a well-complimented diverse mix of rock genres.
Renderds infectious blend of melody and intensity is obvious throughout there soon to be released 07 “Victim of Yourself” EP. From the darker guitar driven airlines of “Not for Long” and “Under My Skin” to the head turning ballad textures of “Push”
“It may hurt us that were not big outrageous rock stars from the big city trying to out do the imagery of the band next to us, but that’s a projection of where we come from. To our respectful attitudes and seemingly low key image as opposed to the huge sound of the music. “Even if we are never to sign a deal, we still love the music and have an overwhelming passion and ability for great songwriting. We write… we rehearse… and present our songs on a level as if our lives depend on it..."


Up comming '07 Victim of Yourself EP "Push", "Not for Long", "Under My Skin", "Rise Up" , and "Victim of Yourself" will complete this five song EP.
Also released in our former name "Seize the Day" 8 song EP "What We've Become" With songs currently being spun on 94.1 WJJO in Madison and 102.1 WLUM in Milwaukee.

Set List

A typical set list is all original songs by Renderd which include:
Another Way
Holding On
Next to Nothing
Not for Long
Rise Up
Under My Skin
White Wall
Wide Open
Our sets usually last anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.25 hours.