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Rend Haven

Houston, Texas, United States

Houston, Texas, United States
Band Metal Rock


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Rend Haven - EP 2010

1. Memories of the Dead
2. Fallen Heroes
3. Crawling in the Dark
4. The Unexposed

You can find these songs streaming on our myspace and reverbnation.



I: The Beginning

Childhood friends Adam “Squishy” Martinez (guitar) and Ricky “Bongaga” Uresti (guitar) have long since shared a dream to be on stage playing their instruments. However, this had not always been so. At an early age they were rescued from mainstream pop bands and influenced to play guitar by Ricky’s older step brother, who converted them to fully fledged rockers. For some time they jammed alone, waiting for someone to come along and join their dream. That someone eventually became Richard “Boombaby” Polker (drums) who had gone to school with Adam.

II: The Coming of Boombaby

At a rockband party, Richard played the rockband drums so vigorously that they started to smoke, and eventually exploded from the awesomeness. Ricky and Adam then glanced at each other; both knowing what had to be done. A short while later, while jamming at a friend’s house to use his drums, something happened. The planets aligned and all the cosmos was in harmony. Ricky and Adam had found another member. Together, the trio dubbed themselves Badger Milk.

III: Fate at Guitar Center

A foundation now formed, Badger Milk ventured to the sacred land of Guitar Center. Their mission: to scout for a set of drums suitable for Richard to wreak havoc with. Upon entering, Richard discovered a familiar face. It was his cousin, Manuel “Boogaloo” Cuevas (bass). They exchanged words, and went about their ways. Ricky, witnessing Manuel’s purchase of a blood red Ibanez bass, got an idea. Another short while later; Ricky, Adam, Richard, and now Manuel, held a jam session in Richard’s room. Again, all time seemed to stop, and they all left their bodies to finish their session on the ethereal plains of enlightenment. With the new edition, the 4 members called themselves Ownage Avenue.

IV: The Veteran

As time passed, each member of Ownage Avenue grew better and better at their trade. However, even with all the shredding of the instruments, there was something missing. The songs that produced eargasms to all that came in contact with them, were lacking meaning. They had no messages to convey, and no stories to tell. Manuel suggested he knew of someone. A man with a mysterious past, who could make an onion cry with his messages of life, and stories of old. He was a veteran musician, who had been in a band previously, but left to take care of his fatherly duties. His name was Angel Contreras (singer). Angel, now accustomed to his new life as a father, was ready to get back into the life of a musician. He began to write songs for Ownage Avenue, and for that instant, all was well in the universe. The band was complete.

V: Rend Haven

Now a fully functioning band producing songs by the second, Ownage Avenue decided to give the band thing a serious run, all the while maintaining the “fun” side of it. They needed a name, a real name that defined them as a whole. All five members shared a same mentality and would often repeat a phrase coined by Richard himself. “Let’s just see what happens” became the motto of the band, and was often the answer to a lot of things. From this they gained Rend Haven, which they defined as “tearing away from your safe place”. To live life to its fullest and take chances…to throw caution to the wind…and never look back. Since their completed line up in the summer of 2008, Rend Haven has: played in multiple venues, won a battle of the bands hosted by Gorilla Productions, recorded an EP in a professional studio, and accumulated a die-hard fan base that continues to grow with each passing day. Rend Haven has takes pride in their incredible ability to put on a show for unsuspecting audiences all over the Greater Houston area, and hopes that one day you too will be in the crowd with your fists raised high in the air.