Rene Collins

Rene Collins


Hybrid of polyrhythmic, reggae, hip hop with acoustic guitar layered with fiddle! The lyrics are very conscious, philisophical, and fun.


Rene Collins effortlessly weaves together the subjects of politics, spiritual progress, nature, and love into his uplifting songs. His unique polyrhythmic strumming style creates head-bopping grooves, with memorable hooks that linger in your head for weeks to come.
His musical style and lyrics have been compared to Ani De Franco, Michael Frenti, Ben Harper and Jack Johnson. He aspires to communicate the positive feelings of the early 60’s and 70’s, while addressing the pressing issues of the current times with clever, thought-provoking lyrics. Charismatic, charming and energetic, he woos the audience with his powerful vocals, poignant lyrics and down to earth manner. He has a powerful and captivating stage presence, thanks to his ten years plus professional theatre acting career in San Francisco and New York City.
Rene hails from San Francisco, and started playing piano at the age of ten. At fourteen, he started singing and acting and began focusing mostly on songwriting and singing leads throughout High School and College. His influences are Bob Marley, George Clinton, U2, Elton John, Ella Fitzgerald, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, to name a few.
At heart, Rene is a singer/songwriter/mystic philosopher seeking to communicate ideas hidden below the surface of everyday living. Inspired by ancestral African spirituality and music, he seeks to emulate the idea that wisdom and humor is the best remedy in these times of stress and fast paced living. Rene currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife Chava, son Zukari, and two cats. He teaches music to children, and the Brazilian martial art capoiera.

Contact info:
Rene Collins: (212) 462-9383
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Written By: Rene Collins

Verse 1
Went out last night and said somethings
Got in a fight screaming and shouting things.
Did drugs last night and saw somethings
Made love last night realized what was bugging me

Want to shake the world
Want to rock the boat make my dred locks curl
With rage at the way we’re living today.

Verse 2

I heard the news on the TV
Corporation cutting down our trees
And further more what bothered me
Was money ranked higher than air to breathe


Rage at the slashing gang
Just to get some blood proving that you’re some man
Rage at the skinhead spreading their hate
Rage at the church estate rich adornments with the poor at their gates
Rage at the rapist slaying a child

Verse 3
My father fought Korean War
Jim Crow era man he done his tour
At 70 and retired age
The government went and cut his Medicaid!



Blue Ceiling
Tales from the Spiritual Lost and Found
Song of Songs

Set List

Libation,Serendipity,Bringing Down the Sky, Do for Do
Movement, Got to Be, Telesins Eye.
I can do from up to 2 hour sets if need be. Since I have over 200 songs!