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Dallas, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2020 | INDIE

Dallas, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2020
Solo Alternative Hip Hop




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Reneé debuted her solo music career in the early 2020s with pop-trap oriented contemporary R&B material. The singer, songwriter, and producer began working on music in 2017, in response to the loss of a child and an inward need to express darkness after a traumatic sadistic childhood. Beginning of what would be called 'Childhood Tremors' a series of unfortunate events occurred which stretched the growth and consciousness of Reneé forcing her to explore the forgotten and manipulated aspects of herself in an attempt to integrate properly within the new age. During this time she was affected with many losses and chaotic events that kept her around her family, most notably the loss of a man she cared for in March of 2018 and the in and outs of a select family member in between mental facilities, governmental agencies, and jail. During this time she built seven internet businesses in order to stay in course with the digital gold rush while dealing with the evils and ills of an abused community. 

At the start of 2020 after battling what some would call mental health issues but others may describe as quantum jumping, ended a 10 month supposed friendship with a man she loved dearly, leading her to release her first produced beat as an solo artist, songwriter, and producer, rainbow people. (2020) The devastation, frequency, and brain altering position led her to follow up the release with, oh papi, but papi, i lost him again. (2020) and, crazy days. (2020) works all representing the exhaustion, devastation, and insanity of 26 years within the black community. The experience solidified Reneé's position for her music to be a vessel seeking to inspire an inner voice and recollection—recapturing of identity, primarily for those black girls that go unseen and those strong black women that some black men seek to use and abuse with psychedelic, hollow at times, dream-like synths, and trap remnants.   

Dallas native Reneé studied dance, films, and writing as a child. Days spent at the local library allowed her to write Love (2011) from the age of 9 to 13, later self publishing in 2011. Her written word, films, and music serve to express a dark undercurrent in the preset world and that which is to come. Inspired by dart rails, late Dallas nights, Texarkana, trips through middle America, running through dimensions, and tapping into ethereal realms, Reneé derives inspiration and creativity. As a child she witnessed and experienced abuse by her father, noticeably heard through, save my soul. (2020), attempted murder by siblings, self righteous sex demons, and witnessed the delusional state and demise of family members under the guise of religion and a higher power. Always having a keen eye and a sharp tongue Reneé remained quiet, observant, and intuitive most her life, learning to transmute the sickness and darkness of her community into pretty pictures and beautiful song.   

Reneé began her career in the industry off of her mother's couch—creating AÉNL in December of 2013, an international brand based in Dallas, Texas, and begun her career in the industry as a videographer in Dallas. It was at the University of Kansas that Reneé first began to dive into editing between classes, editing mash up—highlight reel college basketball videos, that led to the montage video of J.Cole's most prominent music videos of the time to the song "Rich Niggaz" amassing 1,799,362 views. Later due to her affiliation with the university and the men & women's basketball programs she was hired to shoot for Ben McLemore where she began to realize the opportunity of freedom in relation to film and cinematography. Quickly she developed her eye for cinematography and directing, leading her to collaborate and capture with friends and ex-partners such as Calvin Hobson, Jeremy Jones, and Joshua Wilson, Dallas and Houston legends such as Raw Elementz, Daniel "Booby" Gibson, Tony Staxx, Devy Stonez, Lil Flip, Hevy Bens, Bobby Sessions, SoSoTopic, Dance Dailey, Travis Scott, Corey Durane, Brik Liam, Herrick & Hooley, Rikki Blu, Nezifah, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Charles K., &  Gallowayyys. Additionally during her career and presently as a director and cinematographer she has worked with and captured in concert Lil Chuckee, SZA, V.C.R., K. Camp, OT Genesis, Plies, Jeremih, Migos, Azizi Gibson, Sonny Digital, Gucci Mane, Dave East, Gukenheimer, Devon Energy, Core Water, Partychaser, iAmOther,, High Standardz, Dated. Faded. Worn., DFW Vintage Swap Meet, Def Jam, Radio One, ByDesignFilms, Lowe's,, Yirga, 97.9 The Beat, Millennial Clubs, and Alpha 7 Energy, directing and capturing over 500 short film videos for various clients in various industries in addition to editor and director of photography credits for a feature film, television series, short film, and YouTube series, adding to her portfolio of achievements. 

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