Renee Anderson

Renee Anderson


A singer- songwriter with a unique blend of soft rock, "Texas Music" flair, bohemian soul, and classic folk style.


Born in Seattle,Washington but raised in Arizona and Texas, Renee grew up surrounded by a family of artists and musicians. Her musician father and uncle, Bobby Hart of "Boyce and Hart" of the 1960's and 70's, best known for writing "Last Train to Clarksville" , "I'm Not Your Steppin Stone", and "The Monkeees Theme" were her first real influences and teachers. Anderson's lyrics reflect an early classic folk style and her melodies exude an original Texas sound. Although she has been involved and around music her whole life, it was not unitl 2002 that Anderson began writing and playing her own songs.


Rosie the Riveter

Written By: Renee Anderson

Subscribed to a woman's way last night
Taking on roles to make me feel right
burning the candle at both ends
Reside in places between rocks and hard places gathering more energy to lend
and then I feel myseld rebegin
Rosie the Riveter
became my inhbiter(inspirter)
and equal opportunity for all
but I still need a man to take me for who I am
and never back me up agaist the wall
maybe just catch me when I fall

Why do we complain today
they burned their bras to make it this way
changing the world with their voice
Keep titles of mother along with all others
never gave question to their choice
changing the world with their voice
Will you love me and take my hand
will you take me for who I am
well then you'll just have to understand that....

Let it Go

Written By: Renee Anderson

Woke this morning to a quarter to three
and ask myself what's wrong with me
I lay there listening to the voice in my head
for once I heard exactly what it said
It's not the way you run as fast as you can
or use the map on the palm of your hand
It's just the baggage too heavy to own
and the little girl afraid to be alone
let it go
let it be
don't worry about that somthin else just be me
let it go
let it be
open your eye and say goodbye
it will set you free

Felt an angel sittin by my side
He said oh girl get rid of all that pride
start makin mountains out of mole hills instead
and pull your self right up over the edge

I'm just a girl with her old guitar
not thinkin much about being a star
just got some words that are needing to be said
and some music flowin through
my head

Fly Butterfly

Written By: Renee Anderson

She found a few more wrinkles and another grey hair
an image in the mirror who no longer cared
as she woke this morning wondering where it all went away
and the strength to make it throught another day
Searching for a purpose
a reason for life
beyond creating children and being a wife
she forgot his love that got her through the night
as he held on to her with all his might
fly fly butterfly
go ahead and give it a try
I'll wait for you on the other side
there's just one thing that I need to say
you are loved by me right here today

She said a woman is what a woman does not just measured by how shes loved so she took her dreams and headed for the sky
let me go for awhile
give me room to fly
He looked at her half smiled and said
I saw the writing on the wall it just needed to be read
so gather your colors and go perfect your craft
don't forget this day or your past
A few years gone and another went
she wondered if her time was really well spent
as she relized it was there all along the love and the words to go complete her song
So fly fly butterfly go ahead and give it a try
I'll wait for you on the other side
theres just one thing that I need to say
I was loved by you right there that day


"New Releases" her debut album, was just released Jan. 2004. It can be purchased on CD Her single "Let it Go" is recieving air play on 94.7fm in Corpus Christi, and 105.9fm in San Antonio, TX.

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