Renee LaChapelle

Renee LaChapelle


The main genre of music I enjoy writing is Country. I live by: "Always Time To Write A Song" ~ no matter what I am doing, it seems I'm writing. My mind's always on the lookout for that next idea; that next "Golden Nugget".


I am a "Yankee From Connetikit" who loves writing songs. I made my BIG move to Nashville in July, 2006 and became a member of NSAI in January, 2007. Currently, I am workin' on some fresh song ideas and will be cutting at least 3 demos in 2007.

Writing songs began for me in my senior year of highschool, which at the time of this writing was 19 years ago. I fell in love with a keyboard player from Upstate New York, and I guess it was my way of "having the music in common" with him. Well, anyway I fell out of love with him and in love with songwriting!

I'm afraid you won't find any fancy degrees in higher education like journalism or english degrees in my background, although I have taken the time to do my homework in order to hone my songwriting craft. I have studied such great books written by Sheila Davis, Jason Blume, Natelie Goldberg, Pat Pattison, Molly Ann Leikin, Pat and Pete Luboff and more.

My songs are meant to touch human emotions in an uplifting, sad, funny or romantic way. While many are written from my own heart and life experiences, many of my songs are derived from showing a genuine interest in what others are going through or have gone through. Because "irony" is a strong way to get a point across, I try to use it when appropriate in my lyrics without deviating from sincerity.

My goal is to one day share my songs with the world to make it a better place. I know this sounds cliche, but I really cannot think of a more straightforward way to say it.

I do not have a band because I am not a performer. Tho' I do play a bit of rhythme on acoustic guitar. I am not a good singer; a poor one at best, BUT I HAVE NOT LET THAT STOP ME!

I work for myself in a house cleaning business, which has blessed me with the opportunity to write while working. Whether it be while scrubbing a toilet (hey, come on now, it's a good, honest livin'!), a title, a line or an entire lyric presents itself, or while driving to my next customer's when a lyric and / or melody comes to mind. I ALWAYS carry a notepad, pen and my best friend; my microcassette recorder!

One day, I hope the world will hear my songs and say: "Wow, I've been there, that helped" or "That was one of the funniest songs I've heard in a long time" or "That song brought tears to my eyes" or "Darlin', come here and lets turn out the lights".

Thank you for your consideration and for listening!

Respectfully ~ Renee.

PS: Would be honored to collaborate with folks who perform Nashville Venues... if you or anyone you know would be interested, please let me know. Thanx, Renee



Deja vu

Written By: Renee J. LaChapelle

by Lew Brown & Renee LaChapelle
Copyright 1998

Did you ever have that feelin’ you been somewhere before
Ev’rythin’ so familiar down to the cracks across the floor
And you know you’ve never traveled that turf, that much you know is true
It’s just another visit from your old friend Déjà vu

Did you ever walk into a café and at a table nearby
Sits a girl you swear you know her, but she laughs and says, “nice try”
She turns up her nose and leaves your heart in your left shoe
And you just wanna shake this thing, this thing called Déjà vu


Déjà vu, Déjà vu
You’re drivin’ me crazy, I’m comin’ unglued
Déjà vu, Déjà vu
Whose life am I relivin’ with your crazy voodoo?

SOLO: (Guitar)

Next time you get that feelin’ you been somewhere before
When things get peculiar make tracks, head for the door
‘Cause you know it’s just another trick your mind is playin’ on you
And you’ll wish you never had this thing, this thing called Déjà vu

CHORUS 1 Repeats


Déjà vu, Déjà vu
Will drive you crazy, make you come unglued
Déjà vu, Déjà vu
Won’t give up until you give in to its’ crazy voodoo.

Yankee From Connetikit

Written By: Renee J. LaChapelle

by Renee J. LaChapelle
Copyright 2006

Well, I never have picked a bale of cotton
But I can smell the green green grass of home
And I never got to meet ol' Hank Williams
But you don't need to meet that man to know 'im

And although my daddy's long gone and buried
Lord knows he left me his honky tonk soul
And some day when I'm older and I'm married
My kids will honky tonk before they rock 'n roll

Well, I might be a Yankee From Connetikit
But where ya live don't matter one dang bit
'Cuz Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Loretta Lynn
Is all my daddy played when I was just a kid

Someday I'll fly on silver wings to Nashville
But for now I'm writin' songs in yankee land
I got my guitar and a honky tonk rhythm
I'm makin' country music right here where I am

CHORUS Repeats twice

Now where ya live don't matter one dang bit!

I Forgot To Tell Her

Written By: Renee LaChapelle, Copyright 2007

Drivin’ to work wishin’ it wasn’t Monday
Feelin’ I forgot somethin’
I wonder now, what it could be
I shut off the coffee-pot, turned out the lights
Made sure the door was locked up tight
Now I know, oh it’s what matters most to me
It’s my sweetheart

I forgot to tell her I love her
Oh, I forgot to seal it with a kiss
There oughta be a law against how beautiful she is
Losin’ her would surely spell disaster
Oh, I forgot to tell her I love her

Gotta get on home before she wakes up
Slam a U-ee an’ just my luck
Blue lights on my tail Lord, not now!
“Your license an’ registration please”
“Anythin’ sir, just don’t take my keys
Gotta make it, make it up to my girl somehow
‘Cause ya see…”


Cop says: “Son, I’m lettin’ you go with just a warning this time
Love ain’t no crime”
And as he offers me his last Krispy Kreme, he says:
“That reminds me, I got a lovin’ wife at home and I…”


Losing her would surely spell disaster
I forgot to tell her I love her
I forgot to tell her I love her
Oh, I’ve got to let her know I love her, right now.