Renee Lando

Renee Lando

 Ringwood, New Jersey, USA

A fusion of Neo-Classical & Jazz served up with a side of Blues!!! Audiences are transported through Renee's inspiring melodies. Resonant, humorous, touching story telling, is weaved throughout intriguing tonal textures and driving percussive guitar revelry taking audiences on an inspired journey.


Renee Lando was just a toddler when she gave her first performance perched atop the family coffee table, playing along to her dad’s collection of country and rockabilly records, a toy guitar bigger than her slung over her shoulder.

It was the legendary Johnny Cash who first inspired Renee’s love of guitar as a tot glued to the television during his variety show of the early ‘70’s. But it was the music of Will Ackerman, Leo Kottke, Chet Aktins and most notably, Tommy Emmanuel that resonated most in Renee’s heart and led her to into a world of alternate tunings and instrumental composing.

Renee has journeyed continually ever since in search of fresh melodies and intriguing textures in her playing that have given rise to a unique style and ability, fusing flavors that span from classical to jazz to blues to folk.

Renee sculpts her own compositions and creates personalized arrangements of American standards that become uniquely hers as she connects to her audiences through her music. Renee released her 1st CD in the Fall of 2005. "Heartstrings," has been received with open arms by her audiences and is receiving airtime on regional television. Renee's music is now serving as the backdrop to the national Podcast and Webcast series of lectures and developmental programs produced and hosted by the American Management Association - see . Recently Renee appeared on “The Village Music Show” on WTBQ radio.

Renee has performed as a special guest of national and international greats including blues aficionado, Rory Block, jazz guitar phenom Johnny A and the legendary Lou Pallo, backbone and rhythm guitarist for the late, great Les Paul and his namesake Les Paul Trio, for the last thirty plus years. Renee has done showcase performances with such Folk notables as Michael Smith, Dulcie Taylor, Terence Martin and Loretta Hagen.

Most noteworthy, however, is the energy that Renee brings to her shows forming a charged connection with her audience. With only a guitar slung over her shoulder, Renee transports listeners on a far-away journey with only a delicate melody line. She brings them right back the next moment, dancing and stomping their feet with a driving, percussive display of guitar revelry. Audiences are continually amazed as they bear witness to the room filling with the sweet sound of a stringed orchestra and the energy of a blues band all from the same guitar!

"SUBURBAN TRENDS" says, "...Lando, a guitar virtuoso, can play licks faster and more proficiently than most "star" guitarists in the mainstream..."

"Lando, whose unique style has been coined as a fusion of new age-classical with a side of expected to serve as a powerful link to Rory Block's most recent project as contributing artist on Patti Larkin's November 2005 compilation CD, "La Guitarra" featuring both renowned as well as newly discovered female guitar virtuosos..."

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Heartstrings, 2005

Set List

Sets are always determined by my customers' requirements and preferences, but typically span:

30 min
60 minutes
(2) 45 minute sets

Original compositions and stories are peppered with original arrangements of covers that are representative of the American songbook (e.g. "Over The Rainbow") and classic pop (e.g. "Here Comes The Sun.").

Renee invites and welcomes venues to request specific covers in advance including seasonal classics.