With a mixture of blues, jazz and pop, these songs are engaging, uplifting and straight to the heart. Songs that are sure to bring the listener a sense of hope, love, encouragement and joy, with a desire to introduce you to the love of Christ.


Everyone in life will experience hardships, heartache and for some even tragedy, but not everyone is able to rise above their circumstances. Renee' Parker has lived through all of the above and she not only has risen above it all, but she continues to soar over the blows that life has brought her way.
Renee' Parker knows the pain of seeking to find your worth in "man" through broken dating relationships, the misery of drug use and also the pain of alcoholism.

Renee' has also walked through the valley of despair as a gunman sought to murder the love of her life, the man who would later become her husband. Overcoming guilt, shame, anger and rage, Renee' knows the meaning of forgiveness and healing that is found in the love of Jesus Christ and she offers that same hope to all those who have found only disappointment and loss in this world. The joy and strength found in her heart has also made it's way to her voice as you will hear.
Through a variety of music influences ranging from blues, jazz and pop, Renee' brings a message to her listeners of hope, joy and peace.

God has a way of turning broken, scarred and damaged vessels into something of worth, beauty and grace and Renee' Parker is a living testimony of the power of God.


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Set List

Typically a set list would be based on the time allotted and also on a "theme". i.e... a women's event or retreat, or youth event
cover tunes: female singers such as Allison krauss,
Martina Mcbride, Nicole Nordeman, Cece Winans, susan Ashton, etc.