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My music is about life experiences put in a commercial way. im very humble about music. im starving to make it in the industry and will do what need be to make it. me as a solo artist i like to perform with high energy an use all my emotions in my music to bring the real effect.


Hi im Chris Eracleous aka Renegade. A Rapper from london striving to make the music industry, ive been writting for about 5 years but finally hit the point where i feel confident in all areas to be considered as a major artist. my influences in music is my life experiences, other peoples experiences bisically anything. i love music always had from an early age, i started rapping in school just battling then couple years laters someone said you have a great talent to be a top artist because of my lyrics, attidude and devotion to making it. so from then i started writting songs. my dream is to be known an recognised as a major artist for all the rights reasons.


Someday a song streaming

Im Frozen a song streaming

Set List

start with If Your Looking For me then Im Frozen then
2 min freestyle
end with Someday

they are normally about 15 to 20minutes