Renegade Da Lady

Renegade Da Lady

 Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
BandHip Hop

What do you get when you take the energy of a particle accelerator, Nicki Giovanni and Maya Angelou's way with words, the work ethic of any single black woman in the 50's trying to feed her family, and bottle it into a 5'3 frame? RENEGADE DA LADY!


Renegade Da Lady (nee Kita Butler) hails from Fort Wayne, Indiana by way of Detroit Michigan. Though always a fan of hip-hop, rhyming became her dream after hearing Lauryn Hill's "Superstar" and she took to it like an eagle to flight. Given that she was so talented as a teen, to do shows she would sneak into the local open mics, just for the opportunity to set the stage on fire, and in summer of 2008 exploded on the Fort Wayne hip-hop scene.
She was not the typical "femcee"... and the biggest thing that set her apart was her stage presence, which could be classified as nothing short of magnetic. Putting passion in every line, exploding with supernova intensity, the audiences she graces become captivated in the amount of energy, pristine delivery, and conviction that Renegade has. The lyrics pull you in as she takes you through a plethora of emotions, from the feel good club nights where you're partying and having a good time, while able to stir your soul with stories of the troubles of inner city youth with the grace and depth of the late great Tupac Shakur.
She treats any stage with the same malice that she treats beats, not just killing, but MAIMING her live shows, and has become a major player in the Fort Wayne hip-hop community


Please Say Da Lady (June 2011)

All In Me
I'm The S#!t