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Renegade HipHop is a highschool dream that was never drowned out by what society thought we should do with our lives. We're a hard working music group that places utmost priority on our live performances. We bring the well-oiled machine that is our show and setlist to each & every venue we attend.


We are a hiphop/rap performing group composed of 5 lyricists and a DJ.

Our entire group has been performing together since the early years of our highschool career. What started as a dream that most young kids have, proceeded to catapult into the experiences and memories we've shared with each other and our fans. Building our repertoire of music over the years, while attending local gigs and building a strong fanbase have been nothing but fulfilling towards each and every one of our aspirations as we progress through our careers.

We have a strong work ethic and a high appreciation for the art and creativity that is instilled by music.

Renegade HipHop hold's integrity to music and portrays this through the care we put into each and every composition.

We can rock the crowd, we can make you think, we can bring back summer memories, we can remind you of the hard times. Our music is universal and we'd love to share it with you.


- The Best Kept Secret
- Orion's Belt Vol 1
- Orion's Belt Vol 2: Enduring Atlas
- Lyrical Staircase
- 12/20: The Mixtape

Set List

We have been asked to generally perform 30 minute setlists at most of our venues with 10-15 minute setlists on occassion.