Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

The spicy séga-maloya rhythms of the Réunion Island, played on accordion, with harmonized voices and traditional percussions. A mix of traditional interpretation and improvisation played in a rumbustuous communicating form. A family tradition lasting for over more than one century now.


Reunion Island
Creole songs accordeon

René Lacaille is the master of the spicy séga-maloya
rhythms of the Réunion Island, Indian Ocean. As a child,
he played in balls with his father, before creating the
legendary group Caméléon who invented electric Maloya,
blending traditional music with modern western timbres.
René’s talent and curiosity led him to master accordion,
guitar, bongos, ukulélé, accordina and saxophone. René
recorded with the famous maloya singer Danyel Waro
(Patango) and with the great American guitarist Bob
Brozman (Digdig).
René received many awards (Gus Viseur price, Grand prix
Charles Cros-German Ctricis Award) that testify of his faithfulness to the traditions,
creativity and sense of universality.
“an extraordinary talent” Dirty Linen –USA/” the
gravel-voiced troubadour in rumbustuous form, swinging
between rum-soaked chansons and thumping singalongs “
the Observer- UK


Cordéon Kaméléon (Connecting Cultures/Rue Stendhal 2009)
Choc du monde de la musique 2005 / Prix Gus Viseur 2005 / German Critics Award 2009 / Grand Prix Charles Cros 2009 (coup de
coeur musiques du monde)

POKSINA, New album of Trio Lacaille , expecting on the label DAQUI en 2011

Set List

1 La rosée tombée
2 Maloya ton tisane
3 Lusaka
4 Commandeur
5 Coq un poul
6 Domin ki koné
7 Pêcheurs Terre Sainte
8 Sax séga
9 Caïamb et sombrère
10 Quelle famille ça