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"Get down- with Downtown"

THE ESTEEMED Slovak interpreter of blues-rock classics, Rene Lacko, takes his downtown band through five Slovak towns in February.
The self taught guitarist/vocalist from Handlova is by now a well established presence on the Slovak scene. He launched his career a decade ago playing Jimi Hendrix classics, travelling as far as North Carolina where he took second place at the 1996 Jimi Hendrix Memorial Festival. Later influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Lacko favoured a blues-rock style, and the Slovak Blues Society responded in 1998 by naming him Blues Guitarist of the Year. His CD's include Freedom Is My Way, and most recently, Tribute To Hendrix and Ray Vaughan. Apart from featuring famous cover tunes, Freedom includes a few Lacko originals.
The popular song repertoire Lacko chooses for his concerts guarantees him attendance. On the other hand, he does manage to work in a few originals. Juraj Turtev is a blues guitarist and activist who invited Lacko to play at Bratislava's Stoka Theatre January 17.
"Lacko is a talented guitarist and a great musician. Even though he copies Ray Vaughan and Hendrix, he has quite a big impact on the local scene. He is a leading example for many guitarists who attempt to do similar things." Turtev said.
The last time Lacko was in town, he played songs from 'Tribute.' Supported by Downtown band members - bassist Milan Golha, drummer Mario Nagy, and keybordist Peter Dobrota - Lacko stunned the Bratislava audience with fast guitar solos and relaxed the mood with emotional ballads.
The musical community is waiting for Lacko to step on the path of his own invention. To a certain extent, he has. "I have recorded my own things, in a more 'rocky' style than what I played at concerts" Lacko said.
The Slovak musician plans to insert a few originals into his standard repertiore: Bratislava's Aligator (Feb 3), Sered's Rock Club (Feb 4), Banska's Bystrica's Cerveny rak (Feb 19), Handlova's Steiger Pub (Feb 20), and Zvolen's Victoria (Feb 26). - Zuzana Habsudova


Original Release Date: 2007
Produced by Hevhetia

01. Shakin` In My House
02. Come Back To Me
03. I Don`t Know Why
04. Stay Here
05. I`m Lookin For Something
06. Come On
07. Just For you
08. Fly
09. Shake A Leg
+ bonus track
10. Pre Vás

RENÉ LACKO & DOWNTOWN BAND - Tribute to J.Hendrix and S.R. Vaughan
Original Release Date: 2002 - 2003
Produced by Sony Music

01. Love Struck Baby
02. Mary Had A Little Lamb
03. Pride And Joy
04. Chitlins Con Carne
05. Goin` Down
06. Cocaine
07. Little Wing
08. All Along The Watchtower
09. The House is a Rockin`
10. Texas Flood
11. Voodoo Child And Third Stone From The Sun

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Original Release Date: 2001
Produced by WATT

01. Freedom
02. Love Struck Baby
03. Mary Had A Little Lamb
04. Lucilla
05. Steve's Train
06. Pride And Joy
07. Little Wing
08. The Big Mistake
09. Rainy Woman

Original Release Date: 2000
Unofficial Release

01. Mary Had A Little Lamb - René
02. Pride And Joy - René
There Are More Songs
From Other Various Artists

Original Release Date: 1999
Produced by CS MUSIC

01. I Call You - René
02. Where Is The Real Place - René
03. Big Mistake - René There Are More Songs
From Other Various Artists

BIG BANG - The Jolly Jocker
Original Release Date: 1993
Produced by OPUS

01. Dlhý Ako Noha
02. Veru Tak
03. Zlé Dni
04. The Jolly Jocker
05. Bronx
06. Život Je Kino
07. ¼ahko
08. Ja
09. Bonham
10. Zákony
11. Opitá Politika
12. Román

Copyright © 2003



I was born on 5th of september 1973 in Handlova (Slovakia).

After elementary school and educated in a car mechanic I started to learn play the guitar under the influence of guitarists like a Jimi Hendrix, J. Page, E. Clapton and others. It was in 1989 and my first teacher was my father and later long-standing drummer M. Nagy.

In years 1990-1991, I attended private guitar teacher who introduced me to the more exacting guitart parts (jazz, blues), gave me good basis and explained me the musical connections.

In 1990, I founded first band called BIG-BANG wherewith we have recorded CD in hard rock style called Jolly Joker in 1993. But band had broke up from various reasons in 1995 and I had “discovered“ fabulousness of the Stevie Ray Vaughan.

With another my band called Rene Band, under the influence of SRV, we went in blues-rock via.

In october 1996 I was choosen on the basis of mailed records on the Interpretation of the J. Hendrix songs competition in North Caroline (USA). This competition is organized every year by the Hendrix family and I finished in one of the semi-finals rounds as the best European on the second place.

Another years are in sign of continually club playing with my own band but even appearing on tour with other bands.

Year 2001 was turning point for me and the band. Band has changed the name on Rene Lacko & Downtown band and is releasing its first official album recorded in a professional studio Ebony in Bratislava called Freedom is my way. Album is in blues-rock style and there is five own songs.
Another turning point of this year in my life was, that I said goodbye to the mine where I was working eleven years and I started to earn one`s living by the music.
In this year we were participated on the Memorial night in honour of SRV in Budapest.
From this concert was made a video and CD on which are two our songs.

In 2003, we were recorded album called Tribute J. Hendrix which was released by the Sony Music /CZ/

The latest album is called Stay here, which was released on May 2007. Recorded was by me (guitars, vocals) and by current band members Martin Oulehle (bass), Peter Gorusa (drums) and Peter Dobrota (keyboards). On the album are my own songs only./Hevhetia record/SK/