San Antonio, Texas, USA

We are a Texas-based band with a flare for the creative. Though our music tends to follow rock, indie, and pop "feels," we are not classified by one genre - but by our philosophy: Write music that means something, and do it with creative excellence. That's what we do with each of our songs.


Renevus began as an idea in 2010. Gideon, the lead singer, came up with the name as it was unique, and a band started being developed. Through 2010-2011, Renevus was composed of multiple individuals, but it wasn't until late in 2011 that the group started to gain a real vision for themselves. Christian Tristan, the lead guitarist, and Gideon worked hard to put both music and a team together.

In April of 2012, Renevus became a full band, with Daniel Lockerbie (bass) and Will Flato (drums) coming into the mix.

In April, Gideon and Christian also released a single they produced themselves. The song is "Better Place Now" and on April 28th, it was released to all major online distributors.

The band's music holds a large variety of stylistic influences, and many bands and artists have influenced them. Some influences have been Future of Forestry, Gungor, and Switchfoot, and they tend to fall into similar categories. Vocally, Gideon has been compared to Phil Wickham.

The band produces new music constantly. Over the past three years, Gideon has written approximately 200 songs and continues to write much of the material the band uses in its setlists. His approach to writing is to make music that is meaningful and creative.

What sets the band apart is that each song has true uniqueness of content as well as music. No song is exactly the same. The instruments utilized is diverse, from guitar to glockenspiel to ukulele to electronic. Even the theremin has found itself on Renevus's single, Better Place Now.

Renevus is currently in the works of creating their first studio EP to release to the public.


Better Place Now (single)

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