Los Angeles, California, USA

Sean Renner continues to forge a unique musical path defined by the inimitably soulful sound world he creates for his groundbreaking recording projects, his emotive film scoring, and his captivating loop-based live performance in which he using his signature style of looping to combine his ethereal vocal stylings with drums, keyboards and sampling. Renner has covered nearly all of the continental US, with over 160 shows in 36 states, has contributed to award-winning film and television scores.


Sean Renner continues to forge a unique musical path defined by the inimitably soulful sound world he creates for his groundbreaking recording projects, his captivating loop-based live performance, and his film scoring that combines his minimalist organic-electronic production with orchestral instrumentation. 

On stage, Renner has created an uncompromising loop-based performance with over 160 shows throughout the United States and Canada, in which he single-handedly brings to life the distinctive ethereal vocal stylings and electronic production he skillfully manicures on his records. 

Renner's recent film and television composing credits include scoring the psychological thriller feature film "Double Down", and working as a music arranger, orchestrator, programmer, and music editor on the 2018 Sky Television and Hulu series "Das Boot" (the sequel to the  iconic 1981 film), which recieved 8 German Television Academy nominations including “Best Music”. Renner also worked as an additional arranger, additional programmer, and orchestrator on the Austrian feature film "Der Trafikant" (The Tobacconist), which received an Austrian Academy Award nomination for “Best Score”. He also performed the film’s original song "Underwater” which he co-composed with the score’s award-winning composer Matthias Weber. Renner has also scored dozens of short narrative films, documentaries, and animated films including Jenna Caravello's award-winning short animated film "Frontier Wisdom,” which screened at Slamdance 2019, and her short film "More Than Binary", created for the United Nations' "He for She" project supporting global gender equality.

Renner's most recent solo work is the 2016 album "Flora". Featured on Colorado Public Radio’s Open Air Spring 2017 music sampler and The Denver Post’s “Steal This Track” blog, "Flora" collects four double-sided singles that each represent a distinct period of Renner's time spent living in Colorado from 2010 to 2016. With “Flora”, Renner places his ethereal vocal stylings at the forefront, surrounding them with spacious, manicured electronic-organic music that puts him comfortably in the vein of other Downtempo Electronic, and Indie R&B artists like James Blake, Little Dragon, and Lykke Li. Flora creates a sonic environment that is warm and inviting, and that shines an intimate light into Renner's world.

In 2016 Renner moved from Denver, Colorado to Los Angeles, California where he recently completed a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Music Composition & Performance at the Herb Alpert School of Music at California Institute of the Arts.


Flora - 2016

Days End - 2013

Seven Days - 2012 

Sekhmet – 2010

The Blossoms of Armageddon - 2009 (music received airplay on over 140 radio stations across the US and Canada; Featured on ETV and MTV television shows "Married to Rock", "MTV: True Life", and "Catfish.")

Set List

Renner's unique methods of looping and sampling allow him to recreate his music for live performances in an engaging way that is always evolving. Sean Renner has a large body of original work that he draws from, including 4 LPs and 2 EPs, as well as a large collection of B-Sides and unrecorded material. Sean Renner's set time can last from 30 minutes to 2 or more hours, depending on the time available/required. Much of Renner's appeal comes from his variations on his own music in a live scenario. Renner pushes the limits of his own pieces, adding different instrumentation, and often extending and improvising on pieces.