Renny Field

Renny Field


Singer-songwriter who uses music as a vehicle for performance; a way of speaking to the audience, conveying a story. Songs about life with a focus on lyrical honesty and contrast within the set.


“The depth of craft in his writing and skill in his performance is extraordinary ”
Michael Smith - The Drum Media – Album launch review. June 2005

Presenting his material on both Piano and Acoustic Guitar, emerging young singer-songwriter Renny Field burst on to the Australian music scene with the release of his debut album "Make Believe" in December 2003 and has since racked up over 250 live shows, including supports for Diesel, The Whitlams, Mark Seymour, Lior, Sarah Blasko, Hawksley Workman, Serena Ryder, and Deborah Conway.

June 2005 saw the release of his second full-length album, “26 Reasons”, on the back of which Renny toured extensively up and down the East Coast, both as the headline act and supporting some of Australia’s most impressive talents. A versatile performer, he remains equally adept at presenting his songs either with his full band, or in an intimate solo acoustic setting.

“A work rich in depths and textures that are revealed and amplified by repeated listens”.
Beat Magazine review of “26 Reasons” – July 2005.

Festival highlights include the Cockatoo Island festival 2005, Peats Ridge Festival 2004-5, and a trip to the 2004 Mid-west Music Summit in Indianapolis, USA. Renny has also travelled to Fiji to appear on the Channel 10 reality TV show “The Resort”, and played shows at world-renowned venues abroad including London’s 100 Club and CBGB’s in New York. He continues to remain a regular on the Sydney live music scene, and has earned a reputation as one of the city’s most promising young singer-songwriters.

After a hectic 2005, Renny is using 2006 to develop his repertoire and plan for the release of a third album in early 2007. A two-month excursion to India earlier this year has armed him with a whole host of new material and a fresh approach to his work. The journey is a long one, and he’s enjoying the ride.

“…a local singer-songwriter with enormous potential”
Drum Media - February 2004


Your Eyes

Written By: Renny Field

Warm Summer evening I step out for a while,
heading to the local for a cool summer beer,
and I got 26 New Reasons to feel good to be alive,
That I didn't have last year.

I was looking around, the same way I always do,
and I couldn't have predictec that I'd eveer see you, you just came into view

Your Eyes will stay with me tonight.
Your Eyes will see me through the quiet times.
And I'll go back to that spot one day when the memories of you have all but faded away,
and your eyes will touch me once again.

Sooner or Later

Written By: Renny Field

Continental sailor,
Sailing to his heart’s content.
He’s drifting by a whaler,
Whaling till his day his spent.
And together they strive, out on the sea.
So beautifully alive,
So unquestionably free.

Sometimes our paths are not always the same,
But the ones that don’t last won’t be travelled again.
Open your eyes as you walk down your street,
Sooner or later you’ll see.

Where you wanna be.
There’s rarely a care if you happen to be.

Can you hear the musician practising long into the night.
Entertaining his ambition, still trying to get it right.
And he quietly strives for his one certain goal.
It’s good to be alive if you’re not selling your soul.

Enigmatic trader calculating fortunes untold.
Sideshow operator offers his own version of riches and gold.

One More Song

Written By: Renny Field

It’s getting close to midnight. Tony gives me the sign.
And Jad at the bar is checking his watch,
Sadly this place gotta close on time.
The Pizza oven’s cooling, last call for beer and wine.
I guess that means I’m signing off, feels like I just arrived.

There’s one more song for the moment, one more song for the room
There’s one last chance to forget about life
While I’m singing my favourite tune.
If I had another hour, I’d still be finished an hour too soon.
One more song is all that’s left, so I guess that’ll have to do.

The pictures tell the story, they’ve all been here before.
No matter what their glory, they keep coming back for more
And the lucky few have found a place upon these famous walls.
Full of style and full of grace, this joint has got it all.

Though I may be weary, though I may be tired.
The Monkey seems to fill the void each and every time.
And even as the candles fade, the setting’s still defined.
A little gem just tucked away not like any other kind.
One more song is all that’s left,
So I guess that’ll have to do.


LP - "26 Reasons" - June 2005.
LP - "Make Believe" - Dec 2003

Compilation CD - "The Sounds of Manchester Lane" - Aug 2006.

Compilation - "Sounds Like Cafe" Volume 7 - July 2005.

Radio airplay on Triple J, Fbi Sydney, RRR Melbourne, ZZZ Brisbane, Hot Tomato Gold Coast, XM Unsigned Digital Radio USA + other community stations around Australia. Both albums were distributed to over 60 community stations nationally.

Set List

Typical set list might be:

Hold On (4:00)
Don't have to tell me (5:00)
Explorin (3:30)
Sympathy (3:45)
All I've Needed (4:00)
Make Believe (6:00)
Finding Solace (3:20)
Human Touch (5:00)
Way to a Better Place (3:30)
Showbiz (4:30)

This set obviously changes depending on the gig. If it's a headline show, we would add songs and do about 90mins. We also play the occasional regional show which is 3 sets over 3 hours. Again in this case, more songs added.

Rarely do covers, although w throw one in every now and then. I think the last was Drugs don't work.