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Baby, You're Not Feelin' Me Tonight

Written By: Reno Bo

It’s easy to see that ours could be a tale for any age
You sat and read there silently and I was on your page

The light we made has begun to fade with no way to make amends
This candle’s got no middle now we’ve burned it from both ends

Now you and me, we’re broken wings on a bird midway in flight
And baby you’re not feeling me tonight

You’re so sweet in your company and there’s beauty in your laugh
But right now the heat of things could make a winter fold in half

We can’t get at what we used to have, it’s a treasure wrapped in chains
A sleigh of tigers drove my heart and I gave you the reins

Now I thought that we were part of me but what gave me the right
cause baby you’re not feelin me tonight_

You’re not feelin’ me, you’re not feelin’ me
You’re not feelin’ me tonight

Yes, you and me are broken wings on a bird midway in flight
and baby you’re not feelin me tonight

© 2007 Martin Road Music (SESAC)