Reno jack and Sunday wilde

Reno jack and Sunday wilde


The best of Beat "n" Roots music....... "Like Janis Joplin getting beaten up by Tom Waits at an Ella Fitzgerald concert" Bar Named Sue, Calgary


Reno jack and Sunday wilde are two intense performers. Sunday sings from the bottom of her toes to the top of her head, and you can feel the lifetime of being on the road with Reno's voice and bass playing. With nothing more than raw vocals and a stand up bass, their Beat 'n Roots performance takes you to the very basics of blues, jazz and gospel . Their voices interlace in a spontaneous soulful rendition in every performance.

Their original songs explore subjects of love, addiction and the torment of social and family dysfunction. Reno and Sunday write from the heart and draw from their personal experiences and observations.

As a duo they have shared the stage with such great musicians as Ronnie Hayward (Rockabilly Hall of Famer Calgary), Fathead (Toronto), Nick Moss and the Flip Flops (Chicago), D-Rangers (Winnipeg), Little Miss Higgins (Sask) , WashBoard Chaz Trio (New Orleans) and more.

They have just finished a successful tour of the western plains in the summer of 2007 that included the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival, The Trout Forest Festival and other engagements across Canada from intimate house concerts to nightclubs.

Sunday wilde has been perfoming jazz gospel and blues for the past few years. She’s a songwriter and comes from a musical family of recording artists. She has graced the stage at Magnus Theatre caberets, and is a regular performer in Northern Ontario at various coffee houses.
Reno jack has been in bands such as The Handsome Neds—a legendary country band from Queen Street, in Herald Nix a rockabilly band that had the opportunity to open for the Clash. He was also in a hillbilly jazz band called High Lonesome that won the Busker’s fair in Kingston. He is an accomplished double bass player, as well as guitar and piano.


"Black Pearls of Wisdom" - 2006 Independent

Set List

Typical Set List Includes:

Original Jazz
Original Blues
Original Beat Poetry
Original Gospel
Original Renditions of Traditional songs such as:
St. James Infirmary
House of the Rising Son
Walk with me Lord

Original Renditions of Covers such as:
Ruth Brown's Love Contest
Ruth Brown's 5-10-15 Hours
Ruth Brown's I Wanna Do More
Big Bill Broonzy I feel So Good
Big Bill Broonzy
Bessie Smith's Ain't Nobodies Business
Bessie Smith's Mean Blue Spirit Blues
Gershwin's Summertime
Joplin's Turtle Blues

and more with a nice ecclectic mix of original and covers that cover R&B, Blues, Gospel and Jazz with a bit of vintage flare. Bringing covers a whole new feel.

Reno and Sunday can do a full two hour concert or four 45 minute sets, whichever fits your time schedule and activity