Rent-A-Rocker's intense performances explode stereotypes of the 'safe' and the 'appropriate.' A soloist with a huge sound and attitude equally suited to rock venues, vfw halls, and college coffeeshops, Rent-A-Rocker is wry, melodic pop vocals with electrically enhanced solo guitar.


*Rent-A-Rocker writes 'evil' pop music.*

...taller than Fallout Boy, but with less 'ink' than Avenged Sevenfold, Rent-A-Rocker has been called 'acoustic Tool,' and 'trickier' than Howie Day. Combining influences from indie and progressive rock, emo/punk and hardcore, and even twisted folk and metal Rent-A-Rocker's sound is unique, powerful and provocative.

*Rent-A-Rocker is an anti-emo superhero.*

...Rent-A-Rocker is the new solo project of Zac Howell. Zac has played venues including Vermont's Nectars, Upstate New York's Northern Lights, Woodstock's Joyous Lake, and Seattle's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He has opened for acts including Cracker and Jason Mraz, appeared on the 2005 Warped Tour, and contributed to an album that also featured bass guru Tony Levin. He is an Indiana
University grad where classmates included the band Murder By Death and My Morning Jacket guitarist Carl Brommel.


Legal in Some States

Written By: Rent-A-Rocker

So you just dropped out of charm school
And you cannot make the rent
So get down on your knees and beg for the keys
'Cause 'time's money.' 'time's money' well spent

Now that you're feeling so young and desired
And you're really not mine anymore
And you pay for your inspiration with you clothes on the floor
Maybe it's true that I shoulda known better
Seventeen and showin' up at my door
Lust is lost in our secret appointments after school

But these 'tight times' would come to pass
and so you left me baby
for a piece of

You let me 'break you in,' sometimes you'd bring your friends
Now I mean nothing to you at summers end

You used to let me in

If love's a war the badge of honor is the cold sore on your thigh
It's my little dance with Danger
It's the shot that's in your eye

But I'm not disturbed, no I'm not surprised
I know you thrive on the attention, so do I

You used to let me in, we were such good friends
Now I mean nothing to you at summers end

You used to let me in

Killer Health Plan

Written By: Rent-A-Rocker

Call the time of death 11:15
Causes bloodshead and atrophene
Pocket the needle, and hide the vial

You're cold so I can confide
If they cared to look they would find
1000 names in stone on file

For all the poor, the lost, the whores and junkies
Under my knife every day
A profitable harvest can be made
For those who pay


when you're beat or broken down
and parts cannot be made
the man who owns the chopshop
will tell you 'there are ways'

What good will it do you
When you're out of time
Forsake your friends for fortune
Forget your heart forget your kind
What God willing do you think you're gonna find
fucking everyone in sight?


Raise a hand in spite (all you are)
Never tempt me (all you are)
Or strike me down (all you are)

The lives I save demand sacrifice
As I reach inside you now
Armed with the soul of a mercenary
(and lives are saved)
Armed with the soul of a mercenary
(and all the lives I've saved)
Armed with the soul of a mercenary
Gold is my life


Debut album to be released January 2008
Promo ep released 2007

Set List

Looking to play 20-60 minute showcase sets and openers for more established acts. 80/20 originals/covers.

Some originals include:

Killer Health Plan
Legal in Some States
Can't Hide the Prize (She's so...)
In Chaos We Join
You're Dead to Me
The Change
Not Enough
Curse The Light
Summer's Gone

Covers played recently include songs by:

System of A Down
Tegan and Sara
Howie Day