Renton Cannon

Renton Cannon


melodic, alternative rock with an edge; eclectic music and innovative people


Renton Cannon is the alternative to contemporary indie-rock. Preferring heartfelt emotion to flare and melodramatics, Annapolis’ Renton Cannon provides an outlet for its audience and its members. With a sound reminiscent of Cursive or Sonic Youth, Renton Cannon can surprise and invigorate, and with the release of their EP, "Even the King Withers,” the band is expanding its loyal audience.

The group has produced a potent and dynamic rock CD filled with furious releases of distortion, melodic choruses and lyrics that delve deep into the human psyche. From the single, "Elaeis," which battles the concept of religion, to confronting your individuality in "King," Renton Cannon writes songs of inner struggle and the desire for freedom. Musically there's a range, from the eerie beginning of “Oh, the Man,” with its droning organ and distant drums, to the borderline art-rock of "Roberto," with its sweeping moods and dynamic changes, to more straight ahead rockers such as "Oak on the Kitchen Floor."

The band was founded by Chris Howard (vocal & guitar), Nic Johnson (bass, keys, & vocal), Russell Kelbaugh (guitar), and Matt Hammond (drums) in 2005. A result of the notoriously incestuous nature of local music, Renton Cannon’s members had known and played music with each other for years before its current incarnation. The wide range of the band’s music comes from its member’s experiences in stylistically diverse groups, ranging from funk to art-rock.

Utilizing the DIY approach to publicizing and gigging Renton Cannon has already taken the stage at such prominent Baltimore venues as Fletchers, the 8x10, and Sonar. Also, they have received continuous airplay and given interviews on radio stations throughout the Baltimore area such as 103.1 WRNR and 88.1 WMBC. From playing shows consistently, Renton Cannon has sold out the original pressing of "Even the King Withers", and now with the addition of a fifth member, multi-instrumentalist Stephan Kaplan, the band eagerly awaits the release of their four-sided single recorded earlier this year.


The Four-Sided Circle Single (2007) - available now via mail-order and iTunes. visit for info. all songs currently playing on WVAU, and coming soon on WRNR, WHFS2, WUMD, 98 ROCK, and DC101.

Even the King Withers EP (2006) - available via mail order, itunes, cdbaby. visit for info. all songs currently playing on WRNR, WVAU, and WUMD.

Set List

We've typically been asked to play 30 - 45 minute sets, and typically only have time to play 4 - 6 songs. Our songs span from 2 minutes to around 6 1/2 minutes. Only once have we played a cover outside of practice ("Zombie" by the Cranberries, at our first CD release show), and it will more than likely never happen again.

Even the King Withers EP:
Oak on the Kitchen Floor
Oh the Man
Massive Coronary Overload
Saw Cut Critical

4-sided Circle Single:
Atomic Bomb in Mexico
Blame the Hearts of False Arts
Pack Up Your Bags We're Going South
The Filthy Sea

Death to Dinosaurs
A Gun, Silver and Black
Lie, Cheat, Kill
Capital City
Back to New York City
Down the Tracks
Collapsing Sun, Invisible Moon
I am Legion