Lorenzo D. Policelli

Lorenzo D. Policelli

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Eclectic acoustic pop that should transpose to full production. I like "wordy" songs, and that shows in my lyrics and the hooks in my tunes. I am not a performer, but rather a SONGWRITER looking to publish some of the material I've written over the years. I'm a non-performing songwriter.


I'm an Italian-Canadian... influenced by everything from Sinatra & Dino and the Swing era, through Sixties' soul & rock/pop (Otis, Sam, Beatles, The Who), Seventies' singer/songwriters (Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits), through to today's more "wordy" pop (Pete Yorn, John Mayer).

I am a NON-PERFORMING SONGWRITER... while I can't sing, I think I do a good enough job to convey the "feel" and "depth" of the songs I've written (and hopefully, you'll agree as well). It's all about the music/lyrics/story/hook to me.


Lovers' Limbo

Written By: Lorenzo D. Policelli

The birthday boy and girl decide to paint the town
All the world's their stage but there's no one else around
Blow the candle out and make a wish
Only time will tell what the future brings
Maybe it's the scotch but beneath the din it's Lovers' Limbo

Never did they wane into mundane pretense
Tho' she never would admit she knew him in the biblical sense
She told him of a love gone astray
How she had it bad for him in the worst way
But he just let sleeping dogs lay in Lovers' Limbo

Into the whirlwind they're spinnin' 'round and 'round -- Up and down
He's longin' to fly but she keeps him on the ground -- Way down

Lookin' in her eyes he can't deny the truth
All his lovers past release his deja vu
She's his albatross and she's his whale
The princess in his ugly fairy tale
Still he hopes that somehow he'll prevail from Lovers' Limbo

(Instr. from Bridge)

She's the author of this classic tragic comedy
He's the anti-hero dressed in professed modesty
She breathlessly sighs as they kiss
Remembering a long past birthday wish
About a distant lover left amidst the Lovers' Limbo

He silently cries himself to sleep
Her secret dark he vowed to keep
Sometimes we just dig ourselves too deep in Lovers' Limbo

Sometimes we can't escape our chosen fate, our Lovers' Limbo

(Instr. from Bridge)

December 1993
©Words and Music by Lorenzo D. Policelli

Feel Like A...

Written By: Lorenzo D. Policelli

You called all your cards last night
I didn't have the strength to fight
Wantin' to know how I feel
When I still can't believe this is real
I know you're confused - but baby, I've got nothin' to lose
So take my hand - maybe then you'll understand
Feel like a part-time man

While I hide, you deceive
We never wear our hearts on our sleeves
Nobody knows, nobody sees
I'm wonderin' whatcha thinkin' of me
I know where you've been but baby, cantcha get over him
I'm gettin' lost in your eyes but you just sit there and analyze
Feel like a man disguised

Feels like I wanna tell you
Everything but I'm not sure
Feels like I wanna love you
All the way but I'm so insecure

Bury myself in this paper trail
My world is flat, my words are stale
Find enclosed my heart enforced
Kindly acknowledge what you've endorsed
If you'd let him go, baby, there's so much more of me I would show
If you'd let me care, there's so much more of me I'd share
Feel like a man laid bare


I open my heart with a kiss
I pray that you're listening to this
I open my soul to the blues
Please put away your walking shoes
It's cold outside 'cos I've tossed away my foolish pride
Am I warm enough? Now you see I'm not so tough
Feel like a man in love

Shakin' /quakin' /breakin' /achin'
Feel like a...

January 1994
©Words and Music by Lorenzo D. Policelli

Butterfly Scotch

Written By: Lorenzo D. Policelli

How fortunate we are for our present company
But what’s the bind and where’s the bond?
I see the writing on the wall
Sometimes it seems that you misunderstand
I know I can be just a little or cruel
But I’m much harder on myself than you
Damn the butterfly
Dontcha get the feeling I've already said too much

How pleased am I to be the jester and the knave
Sound the trumpets yet no one hears
Dull the senses with endless cash machines
You can always feel the silent resentments
I know I let you get to me tonight
But I’m much stronger than my will
Blame it on the booze
Dontcha get the feeling I’ve already said too much

How beautiful the play but I’ve never seen the cast
The lightening strikes the same place twice
A double barrel in the back
Somehow the perfect antagonistic scene is set
I feel you’ve cut a little piece of me
And fed it to some faceless muse
Stab the bleeding heart
Dontcha get the feeling I’ve already said too much

The dolls are all drunk and tired and ready for bed
Why am I held prisoner by words that were said?

How cool it is to be captured by the sun
Is there betrayal in a kiss?
No point in going down the path
You sensed emphatically something between us had changed
I know I get angry by the by
But it’s just ‘cos you’re creating your own fate
Free the butterfly
Dontcha get the feeling I’ve already said too much

Dontcha ever get the feeling you just might have said too much

Dontcha ever get the feeling you just might have said, you just might have said, you
just might have said...
Dontcha ever get the feeling you just might have said too much

It’s all just butterfly and scotch
That’s all we are - That’s all we got

©Words and Music by Lorenzo D. Policelli

Ain't No Saint

Written By: Lorenzo D. Policelli

It seems I'm taking issue with what people say of me of late
Now I know it ain't so bad, but it sure ain't great
I ain't no pure and patient heart - I ain't no poet in the dark
I ain't no picture of restraint - I ain't no saint...

Everybody's always talkin' - Sayin' I'm so nice
They don't know that deep inside I can be as cold as ice
And though it's torn me apart - I've broke my share my hearts
I ain't no stranger to that pain - I ain't no saint...

Chorus: So please don't prove it to yourself
'Cos if you cut me I will bleed
I'm just like everybody else
I have wants and I have needs
I never claimed to be a hero
No, my heart is much to feint
Don't you understand? I'm a man
I ain't no saint...

Everybody's shocked to see this sinner face to face
I don't believe I've fallen. I can assure you that I never had much grace
It's a struggle deep inside of a passion I can't hide
I cannot keep my love constrained - I ain't no saint


Bridge: I'm not some angel from above
Not some olive-branch holding dove
Just a man falling in and out of love

All the passes never caught. All the "can't-we-be-just-friends"
Every dream of all those nights that never seemed to end
I'm sick and tired of this scene. I'll cross that border to my dreams
And you can be my change of fate - Girl, I ain't no saint...

I ain't no saint...
© Words and Music by Lorenzo D. Policelli, 2008

A Beat Away From My Heart (Reach Out)

Written By: Lorenzo D. Policelli

Turn around, baby, here I am, look into the eyes of this loving man
See them shine from a heart of gold, don't look away or you'll destroy my soul
Why would you ever want to tear me apart?
You're just a beat away from my heart... (reach out) x2

You can walk or baby, you can run, I don't care just as long as you come
To be with me and stand by my side, show me your lover's world and be my guide
You're so close, but baby, you're so far
You're just a beat away from my heart... (reach out) x2

Don't tease me, just please me, I'll be your teddy bear if you just want to squeeze me
Cruel or kind, baby, I don't mind, just as long as you're mine all mine


You're so close, but baby, you're so far
You're just a beat away from my heart... (reach out) x2

So reach out and baby, I'll reach in to touch your heart with all I've been
A passion strong, a love that's true and all that I do, I do for you
I'm reaching out so we can make a start
I'm just a beat away from your heart
Why would you ever want to tear me apart?
You're just a beat away from my heart... (reach out) x3

She's My Favourite Place

Written By: Lorenzo D. Policelli

This is just classic
Sitting here all alone in my fortress den
Singing "Happy Birthday" to a wayward friend

Once upon a time I loved these walls
But now some aching voice inside me calls
The echoes I try to trace

She's my favourite place...

Certain expressions
Will always remind me of her evergrowing beauty
Suggest my detest at her senseless sort of duty

But in my trademark ignorance
For her heart I still persist
Despite all the rejection I must face

She's my favourite place...

She's my favourite place...

I have made love to her in so many indescribable ways
That would have brought other girls down to their knees
Begging me "please"

Instead I'm left aghast and bewildered
And my heart remains abused with it's hidden treasures pilfered
She's a thief who takes yet never pays

Caught in her own lie
She's trapped by my weightless hands
That have cause to crush her but would rather stroke her auburn strands

I see her beauty mark to the side of her left ear
Everytime I close my eyes and picture she is near
Like the sun she emits her forceful rays

She's my favourite place...

She's my favourite place...

It's a dream I've never dreamt
Which stokes the blaze inside
I could never dare to touch her, hold her as she cried

Tears of confusion were never on my mind
But should they flow I'd turn her water into wine
Her chestnut eyes burn within me all my days

She's my favourite place...

I have made love to her in so many indescribable ways

She's my favourite place...

© 2007
Words and Music by Lorenzo D. Policelli

Help Me Heal My Soul

Written By: Lorenzo D. Policelli

I feel my pains grow from this broken back
Exposed for all to see the strength I lack
But I know you've a certain tact
Please help me heal my soul

I've been searching where it's dark and deep
Free of light you'd think that I could sleep
But all this mystery is just too hard to keep
Please help me heal my soul

I'm sure that you have better things to do
And I would never place no blame
If you could spare me just an hour or two
I'll keep on talking all the same

I lost all hope before I lost my faith
I'm so reluctant just to state my case
If you could offer me a little grace
Please help me heal my soul

The sidewalks crack beneath my fumbling feet
As I come softly to your gate
Before I just keep walking down your street
Before your remedy is too late

Might you spare another hour or three?
To keep me company in my misery
I know how temperate that you can be
Please help me heal my soul

In your hands I found the cure I seek
You've helped me heal my soul

© Words and Music by Lorenzo D. Policelli, 2007

Free Spirits

Written By: Lorenzo D. Policelli

Free spirit dancin’ in the night
What makes you think that I’m so wrong and you’re so right?
Time is on my side.

You’re dancin’ now but someday you’ll cry.
You'll be shallowed down so low and I’ll be standing there so high.
Girl, you let this train go by...

CHORUS: It’s your lies that shadow me. But through tear-stained eyes I see;
The only true free spirit here is me...

You close your heart. You close your mind.
The hammer slams across my soul a thousand times.
And I just smile and say, “I’m fine�...

A quiet man, he spins words of gold.
You just have to look a little deeper; look into my soul.
And so the truth can then be told.


(Instrumental - I got 92 reasons why you should love me, baby...)

My conviction is one that’s true and right.
What’s wrong to wanna love you and be loved by you tonight?
Two free spirits dancin’ in the night.

Free spirits in the night...

© 1988, Words and Music by Lorenzo D. Policelli



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I have over 200 songs I've written and am only just currently starting to put a few down to production for purposes of pitching the songs.