renzo spiteri

renzo spiteri


"When Renzo Spiteri presents his music it is quite an event." The Times

“The improvisational and instrumental delights of Malta’s music master, Renzo Spiteri, are steeped in a creative and groundbreaking pool of talent rarely observed in instrumental world music.”
M. Forss, music critic


RENZO SPITERI is an internationally respected musician renowned for speaking multiple languages with his hands. He collaborates on a stunning number of projects that bring together a wide range of musicians, & solo projects where there is a spirit of enquiry, seeking to discover how variant rhythms & sounds work together. His artistic versatility & passion for the creative use of sound has over the years allowed him to develop fresh & unlimited modes of expression. His name has become synonymous with innovative, inspiring & dynamic performances. Renzo is endorsed by Toca, Paiste, Yamaha, Schlagwerk & Gibraltar.
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'INKONTRI' (2010); audio CD
'THIS IS MY LANGUAGE' (2005); audio CD

Music score for visitors' audio guide of the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum (Malta), a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Set List

SILENCE SOUNDS AND SPACES is a concept album and solo live performance by Renzo Spiteri, one of Malta's (Europe) leading musicians and cultural ambassadors. It projects a modern & contemporary musical identity to the treasured Neolithic sites of The Maltese Islands (most of which enjoy UNESCO World Heritage Site listing) & is designed to promote top-level Maltese culture and history across the globe. "This performance is about creating a painting in notes and sounds through a transparent and simple score. The music is a tapestry of sounds overlaying each other, weaving ideas together." (Renzo Spiteri) Featuring unique on-site recordings and through the use of a most diverse set-up of instruments and an extraordinary world of sounds, Renzo conjures powerful images of these stunning historic sites where time stands still.