Rep by Pop

Rep by Pop


Get these guys in front of an audience. They will take care of the rest.


"You been trying to figure out what you been thinking,
like a young child all your ideas are teething."

Formed in 2008 in Toronto Ontario, Rep By Pop have spent the past two and a half years tirelessly searching for their sound. As it is with rock'n roll they found it on stage. Like a game of Marco Polo, the audience tells you when you are close. Cliche's aside, Rep By Pop are simply a band that needs a break. Infectious melodies, defiant vocals, brooding lyrics, saucy bass grooves, absorbing synth lines and pounding drums make for a live performance not easily captured on a studio recording. So, Rep By Pop headed into studio in the spring of 2010 trying to do just that, capture that live feel. The result is a powerfully raw record with barely any overdubs at all. Honeymoon In Mexico will be Rep By Pop's second release in 2 years and the 6 song ep is a tightly packaged collection of kick ass, 3 minute rock songs. Influences dodge and dart from The Talking Heads, The Cure, The Rolling Stones to the White Stipes.


Cell Phone Camera LP