Repeated Trauma

Repeated Trauma


Fever pitched death metal with pummeling breakdowns and disturbingly ominous overtones

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"Insanity Complex" - Self produced and released by Repeated Trauma

Set List

Our typical setlist is usually 45 minutes, but have additional material for longer sets if needed, not to exceed 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Songs from album "Insanity Complex":
Unrelenting Hate - 3:45
Eviscerated Mortality - 4:00
Divine Revelation - 3:59
Ideology of Annihilation - 3:03
Comatose - 4:37
The Whore Draws Flies - 2:52
Torturous Contempt - 3:06
Pagan Idolatry - 4:35
Terminal Descent - 4:34

Additional songs include:
Mutilated Attrition
Human Disgrace
Enemy of Tranquility
Feast of Precious Blood