We are Repeaters, and we are an indie-rock band from Olympia Washington. We play music our contemporaries like to call "arty-post punk-meets-the Beatles".


Arthur Mogilevsky hails originally from Minnesota. He began playing drums at an early age and attended a performing arts high school to focus on his drumming.

Evan Coffey is from North Carolina. He took a years worth of bass lessons in middle school before his ADD got the better of him and he quit and moved onto guitar. He has been in bands since he was 16.

Arthur and Evan met while attending college in Olympia, and quickly decided to form a band. In their first practice, they penned an epic 10 minute slow-burner, but once again Evan's ADD kicked in and the next song was the 3 minute hook-laden "Nailing Jello to Trees". After writing an albums worth of material, the two returned to their respective homes for the summer. Upon reunited they began playing shows again and recording their first album.

Repeaters' live shows are cathartic experiences, Arthur's propulsive rhythms holding everything together while Evan's jagged guitar cuts through the air. Fan's seldom leave shows unaffected.


Grey Skies [Single] (2008)
TBA [LP] (2009)

Set List

Segue into Nailing Jello To Trees
Nailing Jello To Trees
Pine State
Alternative Tuning
Grey Skies

Our sets are usually 30-45 minutes long.