Repeat Radio

Repeat Radio


We're energetic, original, and easy to get in to. No self-gratification just a high quality set. We're quite busy on our instruments but still poppy. You might even say that our sound almost grungy. And it must be said we're not bad to look at either.


Dave Huegle (drums) and Dan Hollingsworth (guitar/vocals) have been jamming and making demos together since high school. Dan and Steve met while working as waiters in Toronto. Dan needed a bass player for a one-off gig in the spring of 2010 and they gigged together from then on.

I'd say our sound is influenced most heavily by brit-rock and early 90's rock. But favourites among members also include lots of classic and blues rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, CCR, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn. I think all three of us would list Radiohead and Jeff Buckley in our top 10 lists.


Lots of demos but the newest demo is on this EPK.