repetition lever

repetition lever

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Repetition Lever's musicians have tasted some success with multiple Milwaukee based bands which include: Take My Face, The Danglers, The Etiquette, Spanglemaker, and the Dreadbeats (to name a few). The diverse musical backrounds help shape the unique sound and enhance their compelling live vibe.


Composer Dan Type with a backlog of songs and a defunct band started to approach local musicians he always respected and wanted to work with.

After recording the first song "Superman" it was clear there was something special about this project and the band chemistry was undeniable. As the next series of recordings kept coming it was clear that a release was inevitable. The band played their first show in Chicago in June of 2009. Repetition Lever's self titled debut CD was released on June 4th 2011. The band has continued to write and record new music and is looking forward to getting out and supporting their current works with more live shows.

You will be hearing much more from us, STAY TUNED!


Repetition Lever debut self- titled CD is out and available online at, I-tunes, Amazon, Last FM, Google Music Store, Deezer, MediaNet, Tradebit, Zune, Spotify, I Heart Radio, Simfy and is also available at Rush-Mor records, and The Exclusive Co.