Replaced By Robots

Replaced By Robots


With untold centuries of gigging and other mind-bending experiences in their dented but sturdy Samsonite, Doug Miller, Mike Ramsay, Josh Mickel and Lou Frisino swore a blood oath to use their powers for good. We think you'll dig the result.


When Baltimore-based Ornamusement broke up in 2010, bassist Josh Mickel phoned Doug Miller, a singer with whom he had worked in the bands Klatter and Groove Chaser. Mickel introduced Miller to former Ornamusement drummer Lou Frisino and guitarist Mike Ramsay, and an informal jam quickly turned into a songwriting collaborative and gigging band called Replaced By Robots.

While Replaced By Robots does play energetic covers of rock and blues-rock classics, the band's focus is on original material that blends blues, progressive rock and funk for a sound that is theirs alone.


Not Even Close, Continental Breakfast, Calico (audio at ReverbNation)