Hampton, Virginia, USA
BandHip HopGospel

God does the work. I' ve just submitted to His will. I believe in the finished work of Christ and I portray such belief in my raps. I do music that God can use to bring the body of Christ together and add new sheep into the fold.


Rapport is the basis for all communication. Its easier to relate when we allow our selves to be free to be ourselves. I am who I am because of Christ and my environment is where God placed me and is where I do the work He has placed in me. The name Repoire (the commonly used misspelling of rapport) seems to fit into play with everything that I do. I've noticed people are often led astray believing the wrong thing but then are looked at as bad people. I never saw Jesus totally give up on a person but the bible in Hosea 4:6 says lack of knowledge can kill God's people. So I like sharing the right information with all people and have fun while doing it.


God Is God (scheduled release Jan 2010)