Reptile Zoo

Reptile Zoo


Hey we're Reptile Zoo! A new alternative rock band from Vancouver, BC! We're a bunch of musicians wanting to make a groovy style of music that people want to listen to. with the band being able to play multiple instruments, there's no telling where this will end up. Learn more at


Reptile Zoo is an alternative rock band formed in Vancouver, BC, Canada in mid 2012 by Brendan Martens, Foss John, Tado Thorburn. The line up consists of Tado Thorburn, Foss John, Brendan Martens, and Ethan White. The band met while attending recording arts school in Vancouver to become recording engineers, composers, producers, and many other professional audio paths. We have a unique style where we all have an equal opportunity to contribute our ideas into our songs in progress. Heavily influenced by The Beatles, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Danny Elfman, Black Sabbath, Tool, Dream Theatre, Mozart, Pink Floyd, Wagner, The Doors, System of a Down, Beethoven, Jack White and Igor Stravinsky to name a few. We aim to create very complex and intricate arrangements for our songs.

Set List

Archipelago, The Plumber, The Heaven Child, Lizard Tongue, An Ocean Falls Upon Us.