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Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
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"March 2006 - By Ewan Wadharmi"

In the beginning the punk was void and without form. And Hilly said, "Let there be CBGB's. " This is music that isn't preoccupied with the punk rock sorting hat. Reptoids have more passion and direction than technical ability, which is precisely why punks created this whole pastime in the first place - to rail against Guitar Institute Of Technology gits. All you have to do is have a good musical or lyrical idea (which they've got both) and bring it to life. That's not to say that they aren't decent musicians, they just avoid showboating and appear on the same page.

Singer Kay Oh tries to be neither too cutesie nor unearthly evil but irresistibly strong and tough. The sonic thrills are an amalgam of minor-note garage rock and artsy darkness perpetrated by Melissa's avalanche guitar licks and like-minded bass from Ari Joffee. "F.U." demonstrates perfectly how they take each part and pull the threads together into something vivid knitted by Meg's skilled drumsticks. The backup vocals blend so well that it sounds like studio technique. I parked this tiger, and after a dozen listens, none of the excitement has leaked out. And they play with Evil Beaver? But of course. - Hybrid Magazine

"Dec 2006-by Monica Kendrick"

Part of the trick of choosing a good name for your punk band is making it seem like you've been around forever. This local quartet (three women, one man) came together in 2004, but they snapped up a name that should've been taken 20 years ago. They make the music part sound easy too: every song on their second self-released EP, last year's Park a Tiger, slithers with a reptilian cool but still comes down heavy and hard. M.O.T.O. headlines and Das Kapital plays second. a 10 PM, Hideout, 1354 W. Wabansia, - Chicago Reader

"Feb 08-by Monica Kendrick"

This local quartet has crafted a distinctive sound over just a few EPs thanks to singer-guitarist Karen Binor, who lends a postpunk edge to what would otherwise be just straight-ahead garage metal. The band plays tonight as part of a Chicago Indie Radio Project benefit, which is also a release party for the Reptoids and the Hidden Mitten. The Reptoids' latest, the three-track Slayed, goes from ferocious ("We Are the Wolves") to playful in an I-step-on-your-face kind of way ("Tramp Stamp"). The bill, from top to bottom: Das Kapital, the Reptoids, Scale Model, and the Hidden Mitten. Arrow9:30 PM, Beat Kitchen, 2100 W. Belmont, 773-281-4444 or 866-468-3401, $8, 18+. —Monica Kendrick - Chicago Reader

"Feb 08-The Onion"

"Chicago's Reptoids have long been playing straight-forward garage-punk heavy on attitude, courtesy of its female guitarist-vocalists. But for the quartet's newest, Slayed-released at this show-an unlikely pair of new influences has begun to sepp in: metal and a proclivity for catchy vocal melodies. For instance, "We Are The Wolves" kicks off with a tribal beat and growled vocals, but ends in an impressive crescendo of wiry guitar riffs. Local outfits Scale Model and Hidden Miten also release new records at this show, which benefits the Chicago Indie Radio Project, an organization that works to establish a local, independent community radio station. Headlining: Das Kapital. - The Onion

"Feb 08-TimeOut Chicago"

In addition to headliners Das Kapital, tonight's a triple record-release show for three fine local opening acts. Punky and spunky, the Reptoids growl in a way that recalls a darker L7 on their new album Slayed (RRRecords). Much more mellow is Scale Model, which makes indie pop that is delicately sewn together, with arpeggiated melodies that recall Sunny Day Real Estate paired with pretty female vocals. The group recorded its latest album down in Nashville with some session players. The Hidden Mitten goes the most straightforward route with hooky straight-up rock on the new Roma Roma. Tonight's also a WLUW/CHIRP benefit. - TimeOut Chicago

"May 2006 - By Scott Smith"

Reptoids on the Rock Campaign Trail.
Metromix’s annual Rock ‘n’ Vote contest is on again with ten local bands vying for a chance to play a show at Metro. Voting continues now through midnight Sunday. Currently leading the vote tallies are The Lifeline, The Emerald Lizards, and Otter Petter (which sounds like it would be nice work if you could get it).

One of the bands we’re hoping gets a few more votes thrown its way is Reptoids. They’re a four-person band, three-quarters of whom are women. We realize this fact shouldn't matter at all, but for some it’s still a surprise that women can just flat-out rock.

And good Lord, do Reptoids ever rock. We recently got our hands on its Park A Tiger album. It’s six tracks of unapologetic punk with none of the pop sheen some of their male counterparts layer over their songs so they can snag a spot on the cover of this month’s issue of J-14 or Bop.

While it may not convey the energy they have live, the production on Tiger gives you the sense of what it might be like hanging out at the Reptoids' rehearsal space and getting loaded on Old Style tall boys. The low-fi sound gathers the twin guitar assault of Kay Oh and Melissa, the punch-in-the-chest drums of Meg and the death bass of Chris into a stew of blood, sweat and fears.

But what really makes the album stand out from all the other bands who’ve got three chords and attitude to spare, is the underlying, rumbling sludge throughout many of their songs that is unmistakably metal. It’s most evident on “9 Times,” a song that whiplashes with a fierce complexity between Sabbath crunch and the amphetamine burn of an old Misfits record. Lyrically, Reptoids adopt a “fight or flight” ethos on tracks like “F.U.” (streaming mp3), a classic kiss-off that pulls no punches or “Mexico Fiasco,” a buzzing, fiery track that proves there’s always a group of kids trying to leave a town full of losers.

If you want to see the candidates in person, Reptoids are playing a show tonight at Betty’s Blue Star Lounge (at Grand and Ashland) or next Thursday at Cal’s Liquors (at Wells and VanBuren). - Chicagoist.Com

"JULY 2005 - By Greenmuse"

Few things in life are as great and soul stirring as a good female fronted band, The Reptoids are a prime example of this. Since getting this CD about 4 or so days ago it has been all I've listened to(aside from some test listens to the latest sendings from TKO Records). I've listened to it while driving, I've listened to it while getting dressed, I've listened to it while playing Gran Turismo. etc etc, you get the idea. The Reptoids hail from Chicago and well frankly kick the proverbial shit out of a lot of other bands out there. You can rest assured that The Reptoids will strip paint from your walls at 30 ft.

The vocals here are reminiscent of L7 or the Distillers(minus the VERY Courtney love-esque thing Brody has going on). In other words the vocalist(I want to say her name is Melissa, but I don't have the CD case on me at the moment so I can only go on memory)has the great sort of voice that just fits so well in a rock setting. The guitar work is top notch as well, a nice, tight 2 guitar attack. But like my hero, Joe Strummer said, "a band is only as good as its drummer". This drummer does an excellent job of keeping everything anchored well.

Then there is the bass player(the only male in the band). He simply tears it up on the bass. Hopefully this band will start touring out of the northern part of the country and start coming down to my neck of the woods. I bet they put a killer live show on.

My personal favorite track is "9 times". If anything just for the delivery of the opening verse. it has a nice arpeggiated intro followed by a short blast of cymbal, then they pop in with the verse. "This is war now, prepare for open fire. thermo nuclear acid rain, when the smoke clears, there'll be nothing left, your lives in a shallow grave".
Seriously. Bob Ross smiles on this band. Would you expect anything else from a band that named themselves after the hypothetical product of the evolution of humans if the dinosaurs didn't die? - RockNWorld.Com

"March/April 2005 Issue #66 - By Rex Reason"

I didn't realize how much I've wanted to hear L7 play Mudhoney's equipment until I heard this. That's not to say Reptoids don't bring their own stink to the grunge-o/punk-o mix. - Punk Planet

"Jan. 28, 2005 - By Jim DeRogatis"

Used amps, stolen guitars, bladder infections, UFO conspiracy theories, L7, too many cigarettes, jilted ex'es-these are afew of the favorite things this Chicago quarted lists in its bio, and that roster summons a pretty good description of the group's ultra-attitudinal brand of grungy puk (heaviest perhaps on teh L7). Inspirational lyric form "Cowboys Scars" off the combo's three-track debut EP: "Total loss of commuinication/Forget about the joys of masturbation - JimDero.Com

"September 2006 - By Trent Moore"

Listening to the Reptoids’ latest EP, Park A Tiger, almost invokes voyeuristic tendencies. You can’t help but feel like the dorky kid down the street, balancing clumsily on a garbage can below the window at the super cool neighbor girl’s garage while her band rehearses beside her vintage Mustang. This is one of the most real, gritty albums I have heard in a very, very long time. ProTools is for wimps; and on Park A Tiger it feels like there’s nothing but amped-up guitars, some angry girls (and a fellow on bass), and a microphone in the room.

The Reptoids invoke that passion, that vigor- I’d almost say euphoria- you may be taken by on a sweaty night at CBGB’s sweating it out and listening to a band that has found it’s calling rooted in the basic simplicity of punk rock. A band not trying to change the world, but instead trying to just be; and play some good, loud music in the meantime. A band whose ambition is to write a few good songs, nail a few good hooks, and let the night lead the way.

This release, the Chicago natives Park A Tiger EP, clocks in at a mere six songs, with only one barely breaking the three-minute mark. Every song is strong, never meandering; each one just hitting hard, and moving on. No pretension, no posturing- just punk. It reminds me a bit of a harder, girl-fronted version of England’s The Subways; just without the bassist/guitarist love story. Nothing here but the music, folks.

The trip opens furiously with “Mexico Fiasco,” then carries over into rocker “Permanent Mark;” which segues into the catchy “F.U.” The furious, minute-and-a-half album closer “Crimes Against Humanity” stands as my favorite track from the set; I never thought you could cram that good of a song into that small a timeframe.

With Park A Tiger, the Reptoids have created one heck of a good punk record; nothing more, and nothing less. If you miss the good ole’ simpler days, I would highly recommend you give it a spin.,544,0,0,1,0 - SoundtheSirens.Com


Reptoids Invasion LP early 2012 RRRecords

Reptoids Slayed EP Feb 2008 RRRecords

Reptoids Park a Tiger EP Jan 2006 RRRecords

Reptoids Self-Titled EP Oct 2004 RRRecords

Sound Opinions Featured "Cowboy Scars" from the self-titled EP.

Several songs from all albums have also gotten airplay on 93.1 WXRT, 89.1 WONC, and Fearless Radio, including "Night", "We Are the Wolves" (Slayed) "Crimes Against Humanity", "FU", "Mexico Fiasco" (Park A Tiger), "Cowboy Scars" and "15 Track" (Self Titled EP)



During the course of several early releases, Reptoids established themselves as a unique force to be reckoned with on the Chicago rock scene. From their first demo recording getting high profile attention from Sound Opinions, to the latter well received *Slayed* EP (recorded by Chicago Metal master Sanford Parker), the band has been one on list of those to watch for some time.

With the addition of local rock bad-assess Dan Lutger (drums) and Jeanne McClure (bass) in 2010, the group hibernated to work on developing their new sound. They emerged with a full new set of material described as "faster, heavier, meaner . . . better". Reptoids are a band for rock fans who've ever wished that PJ Harvey sounded more like Iron Maiden, or would love if Helmet and Motley Crue had a mean, angry rock baby. On the strength of demo recordings with the new-members, Reptoids began sharing the stage with national acts such as Weedeater, Skeletonwich, and Mr. Gnome. Their upcoming full length *Invasion*, is scheduled to be released in early 2012. Engineered by Andrew Ragin (producer/guitarist/keyboards for The Atlas Moth), the songs are undeniably fierce, with layers of vocals ranging from eery chants, forceful howls to primal screams. Consider yourself warned. Invasion is eminent.