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T-ReQ is more than just your average talented young rapper. At the age of 16, he's becoming a young Kanye West of his time. ReQ produces his own music, writes his own music, records/engineers his own tracks and is making a name underground for himself. How many 16 year olds are doing it like him?


It's T-ReQ straight from Brooklyn, NY. Living to make it to 16 years old and doing rap for 5 years T-ReQ or TreQuan Love is no rookie to the music business. Some have said T-ReQ is a young Fabolous mixed with an early 50 Cent before the money and fame. His laid back swagga, nice flow and hard-hitting punchlines have helped him get known throughout the internet world (myspace, spityogame, soundclick) and on the streets of New York. ReQ produces his own beats now and engineers his own music in his household, no help, just him, ALONE. He has been featured on 10 mixtapes distributed heavily throughout the world and holds 2 mixtapes of his own under his belt (The Definition of Crack Vol. 1 & Do Da Damn Thang Vol. 1). He's young, single & focused on making it into the music industry. The talent ReQ holds is unique and he is making a great effort to go somewhere with it.


The Definition of Crack 1.0 Mixtape (2007)
Do Da Damn Thang Vol. 1 Mixtape (2007)

Set List

1-Call It Ballin ft. Yung Willz
2-Grind On
3-Receipt Freestyle
4-Street Love
5-Diamonds R ReQless ft. Yung Willz
7-This Is How