Requiem For Oblivion

Requiem For Oblivion

 Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
BandMetalNew Age

Requiem for Oblivion is a metal band out of Erie, PA. We play a dynamic style of music that is appreciated by both fans and other musicians alike. The music is brutal, haunting and beautiful. Come see us perform live and you won't leave disappointed.


Project started by Steve Jacobson, former guitarist and co-founder of the Nor Cal Death Metal Band, Forsake the Flesh. Steve previously played with another metal band Influence the Weak, also from Northern California. Steve moved to Erie, PA in 2007, which gave him the opportunity to start work on his own project that has been brewing for years. REQUIEM FOR OBLIVION is a 'hybrid metal' concept project/CD based on his years struggling with inner demons (i.e. drugs, booze, depression, self-destruction in almost every form) and the years since silencing those demons... Helping him with the recording process and the first to join the "live" version of RFO is drummer Mike Bryan, who ironically, moved to Erie from Reno just a month prior to Steve moving there. Mike previously played for post punk band The Turbine Saints and the rock band Primate Envy, both out of California. Through a twist of fate, they were put together and have been working on completing the demo with a full length to be released at the end of 2010. Completing the trio is guitarist and Erie native, TJ Hinman, a self taught guitarist with roots in Jazz and music theory, who also plays the bass, mandolin and piano. TJ has played with: The Down Beatles, Maximum Carnage, The Dartnell Jazz Experience, and his current side project Funa-yurei. Together, the trio’s mix of ambient, progressive metal provide their audience with a dynamic musical experience reminiscent of Opeth, Agalloch, Daylight Dies and My Dying Bride. In addition, there are some acoustic steel and classical string sequences as well. Mostly ghostly, clean vocals with some guttural moments from time to time. RFO has played live with regional acts such as Mushroomhead, Ventana, Scars of Ruin and Scarwork. Plus, the band regularly plays acoustic versions of their songs at many of the local venues around the Erie area.


Self Released Demo (2009)

Set List

1. Sorrow's Eve
2. Ominous
3. Casting Shadows
4. The Release
5. You not Me
6. Nemesis
7. Mad World (cover)
8. Godbuilder
9. Illuminata

We have more songs that have not been added to the set list. Our usual set is about 45min, but we have enough material for double that.