Combining deep blues and hip-hop beats better than anyone since the late, great RL Burnside, this is the album that the Black Keys should have made with Dangermouse.


With the energy of The Coachwhips, the vibe of the White Stripes and the beats of Beck... Restavrant rocks everything and everyone within earshot.
Started in 2006 by Troy Murrah & Jonathan Case this LA based duo both found their way West from Victoria, Texas (albeit not together or with the intention of starting the band).
Troy an artist in every sense of the word came to LA to work for Cirque de Solei- (not as an acrobat) but as a set builder… though he can do a mean set of splits while performing… Jonathan sought his fortune out West working at a slot car racetrack and pursuing his dream of writing the first Great American Bromantic Comedy.
Their musical collaboration began one fateful evening after "last call." An indefatigable desire to keep the good times rolling would inspire the well-intentioned abuse of a Wurlitzer organ, an empty beer box and some slide guitar that went deep into the night in the confines of a moldy Silverlake apartment. This was the first Restavrant show; played to a drunken friend who was so riveted he promptly passed out.
The rest is history….


CivilWarArtifactsStore - limited edition 7"
TheBathOfCaracus...w/optional plank - limited edition 7"
TheBlueDressShop - limited edition 7"
TheMuseumOfClipboards - limited 7"
Return to the Tomb of Guiliano Medidici - CD