rescue diver

rescue diver

 Denton, Texas, USA

rescue diver as described by James Parker:
Driving rhythms and beats soaked in a aurora of sound that can consist of synth pads, samples, floaty guitar work and other undefinable sounds; with soaring vocals and descriptive lyrics that lead you to a very self aware yet unforeseeable musical moment.


Rescue Diver is the creative child of Matthew Thompson and Austin Wimbish. For the last year strange sounds, electronic beats, Latin rhythms, spastic guitars and searching vocals have been corralled into a collection of powerful music moments which will soon be known to the world as the self titled rescue diver EP. From total multi-instrumental chaos to tasteful minimalism this EP has a colorful dynamic that embodies the wanting, searching and unease of the human spirit. However, the musical debut of rescue diver is not the first creation of the duo. Previously both members founded a band that received local radio play, international television play, raved shows and music reviews, and a dedicated following of fans. The success of the musical endeavor led to fans around the world and a notice among independent labels and the independent music community. Since this music project both members Thompson and Wimbish have evolved exponentially in their musical talents and tastes. Influenced by musical greats such as Air, The Beatles, Brian Eno, The Flaming Lips, Aphex Twin and Bjork; the creation of rescue diver has lead to a diverse and obsessively detailed sound. Wimbish explains "My obsession with sound is truly the reason why I feel like I have to create music." In fact, rescue diver is always creating audio; as we speak rescue diver is in the final moments of finishing off their debut EP, which is to be widely released on January 4th. And to be followed by a major effort of promotion and showcasing their live show starting this February. The sonic landscape is infinite; and rescue diver just wants to get lost in it.


Self Titled EP to be widely released January 4th

1. (newmotion)
2. Strange Ways
3. Equator Song (realize the present)
4. Manuel Labor Worker
5. Solar Skin
6. Before We Dissolve
7. My Collection

Set List

1. Intro
2. (new motion)
3. Before We Dissolve
4. The Isolationist
6. Strange Ways
7. My Collection
8. Solar Skin
9. Simply Human
10. Equator Song

*Set list can be changed and specified to meet time requirements