Rescue Lights

Rescue Lights


Talented Pop/Rock quartet with musical and lyrical depth. Lead singer has eye catching stage presence, professional attitudes from all members, and great work ethic.


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Our Story

Nearly by accident, Rescue Lights emerges in June of 2009 out of Tucson, Arizona. It began as a solo acoustic & recording project of Corey Ferrugia with the intention to simply share with his friends and family through local performances at smaller venues and on the Internet. The addition of supporting musicians began in the early months of 2009 to experiment with broader arrangements for live performances.

With a patient and open approach until the “right fit” came along, Corey eventually reconnected with a couple of his buddies from past projects and gigs, Ariel Barrera and Luke Stone. They were not only just involved playing in various bands and projects together, but were childhood friends growing up as well. All it took to begin the connection was a simple a “catch up” and initial jam session between the three to discover their very evident chemistry together. That was all it took in order to begin the collaborative process of arranging the songs for a full band sound.

All having roots as musicians ranging from classical & jazz, to punk & heavy rock they approached the songs with open minds and sensitivity in order to achieve their goal to maintain a balance of simple, yet creative arrangements in order to compliment the already eclectic collection of tunes. After they had roughly ten songs ready to be played and performed, the three began to try out local fill in drummers to allow for the ability to perform as a quartet.

For their very first performance under their initial ideas for a name, A Search and Rescue, they gathered their close friends and family in a local coffee shop for a “Listening Party” where they provided catered food and administered surveys for everyone to record their initial reactions to the songs as they were being played throughout the night. The results from the feedback are what determined which 4 tracks that would go on their first ever studio recording based on which songs ranked the best from the listener’s perspective. Shortly after, they headed straight into the studio where they went on to record those songs to make up Vol.1 of many to come under a more modified name, Rescue Lights. Soon after, Dan Ballard from Omaha, Nebraska joined the band as the permanent live drummer in October 2009 as the final piece to this powerful pop/rock/soul quartet.

Not just as musicians, Rescue Lights band is committed to remain relevant and unique in the way they reach out and connect with their listeners. Even beyond this, each member has a true love for others and aims to inspire others to add to The Good.


Rescue Lights Vol.1
As of 11/5/09, available for pre-order on, will be available for download by 11/21/09

Set List

Usually 6-10 songs. Whatever the venue requires of us, whether it be 30-45-60 mins.
(John Mayer Cover)
For You Whoever You Are
Maddi's Song
I'll Stay
(John Legend Cover)
He's Waiting
What Are We?
Home Again
Covers will be good pop/rock tempo. Maroon 5, john mayer, john legend, the script, onerepublic, the killers