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"Rescue Signals Signs"

Rescue Signals has signed with Rock Ridge Music/Warner Music.



"A Highway To Success, Touring Takes A Downturn?, Signings, and New Music"

A Highway To Success: AC/DC who has sold more albums than the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin refuses to sell its music online. “It’s like an artist who does a painting,” Angus said. “If he thinks it’s a great piece of work, he protects it. It’s the same thing: this is our work.” The band has said it does not want to break up its albums to sell individual songs as iTunes usually requires. “They have a purist approach,” said Steve Barnett, the chairman of Columbia Records and former AC/DC manager. “Their instinct was always to do the right thing for fans, think long term and not be influenced by financial rewards.”

Touring Takes a Downturn? Rolling Stone Mag published an article titled ‘Tour Biz Strong in a Weak Economy‘ and they point to blockbuster tours from Tom Petty to the Police. Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay, the Police and Rush did their usual solid business. And the Jonas Brothers sold out amphitheaters everywhere, averaging almost 18,000 people a show and grossing more than $11 million. Acts that appeal to a less affluent audience like NIN and Maroon 5 were hit with a few sellouts. Warped Tour founder, Kevin Lyman, “People were holding their money tighter to their vests this summer.” In response, many amphitheater tours, including Stevie Wonder’s, Motley Crue’s and Maroon 5/Counting Crows’, reduced lawn prices drastically to fill the venues.
Rising To The Top: Punk band Rise Against sold an impressive 64,701 copies this week of their new album titled ‘Appeal To Reason‘. Check out the Rolling Stone review of the album and listen to the track Savior.

Metallica’s ‘Death Magnetic‘ has been certified platinum only after 4 weeks and sold 65,741 this week. Kid Rock’s ‘Rock N Roll Jesus‘ is double platinum and remains in the top 10. Ironically, after 12 weeks on the charts Miley Cyrus ‘Breakout‘ hasn’t reached a million in sales, which means 11 year olds are fickle and the hype is over.

New Music: Paige Williams hailing from Los Angeles has been nominated for Best Rock Artist and Pop single for the 2008 LA Music Awards, listen to the track Wasting Away.

Signings: The Dallas outfit Rescue Signals has signed with New York based label Rock Ridge Music and Florida rock band Crooked X have signed with Capitol Records

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"Third String Productions Quote"

"It's good to see a handful of Dallas' finest musicians joining forces to create something that dares to be different and appeals to everyone"

- Mike Ziemer
C.E.O. Third String Productions
Dallas's biggest production company
(Third String Productions was featured in BusinessWeek.)

- C.E.O. Mike Ziemer

"Rescue Signals Signs Record Deal, Releases New Video"

Local rock band Rescue Signals has just signed an album deal with Rock Ridge Music and plans on releasing an album in late April. The record will be the band's debut full-length and will be called Indecisions. And Rescue Signals has already completed a video for the album's first single, "Every Word You Said" (see above).

Sure, the song is a little bit emo and a little bit Christian, but it's still a fairly solid power ballad--kind of '80s-ish if you ask me. Hopefully the album will feature a few harder hitting cuts, since the guys in Rescue Signals, judging by the video (directed by Kevin Huckabee), obviously have energy to spare.

The band headlines at the Liquid Lounge this Friday, so, if you're curious...

- Dallas Observer Newspaper

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"Mix and Match"

Rescue Signals, A Day to Remember among the highlights during a very busy week

Consider it a blessing or a curse but it feels like the flux of shows in Tulsa is feast or famine. Not that we're different in that respect from any other city, but it still can cause frustration at times. If that's the case, this week is that of the feast. Sometimes it's hard to pick and choose; and if you can't give everyone your full attention, at least you can spread the love.

Bear with me, because we've got a fistful of hometown boys and recurring visitors that all deserve some recognition.

Signals of a Return

Anyone who has been plugged into the local music scene for an extended period of time may recall the late '90s alt-rock act, Utica. Although the band split and reformed for a period in Texas, it is still highly regarded amongst those who remember it.

Key to the band's songwriting was guitarist Beau Bretz, who also served a term of service in another adopted favorite, The Feds. When personal tragedy struck (a close friend committed suicide and a family member relapsed from sobriety at a Feds show), Bretz took some time to reflect on life and realized he had lost his original focus with music.

Although he holds no grudge against the party-rock scene, he decided he wanted his music to be inspirational. And although he has remained relatively low-profile in Tulsa, he never stepped away from music. Diving directly back into his songwriting, Bretz formed The Aria and auditioned a number of singers including, ironically, Dave Cook before taking center stage and stepping up to sing with his latest project, Rescue Signals.

Armed with a handful of solid songs and the clout from his time in Utica, A Farewell Address and The Feds, Bretz landed a deal with Rock Ridge Music and promptly recorded a debut that will be distributed by Warner Music Group.

With things falling into place, Bretz returns to his hometown with a new outfit to reconnect with his old fans and to release his latest material.

Rescue Signals stops at Flytrap Music Hall on Friday night with openers Bronze Whaler opening for what will the band's third Tulsa appearance and first spotlight performance after opening for Anberlin last month and filling a last minute opening slot at Exit 6C.

Although Rock Ridge has pushed back the CD's release date to July 21, Bretz and crew are already gearing up for the release and beginning to tour regionally to establish a solid foundation. Anyone who remembers Utica or has wondered what Bretz has been up to can find out this Friday night. Or, get a sneak peak of a few new songs, including the video for "Every Word You Said" at You can be sure we'll be checking back in with Bretz as the release comes closer. Just consider this week's show a teaser. - Urban Tulsa Newspaper

"Rescue Signals Coming to Baton Rouge"

By Katie Andress

Looking for something new to rock out to? Tired of the same bands coming to town? If the answer’s yes, check out Rescue Signals. The new up and coming band is playing November 13 at the Varsity with another Baton Rouge favorite, The Benjy Davis Project. This show is pretty special for the guys because it is not only their first time playing in Baton Rouge, but they are also handing over their first record to their label, Rock Ridge Music.

I got the chance to talk with Tyler Bretz, who is lead vocals and plays guitar. He described Rescue Signals as “a beautiful accident.” Bretz and the other three guys in the band, Cody, Michael and Bryan, got together through different sets of mutual friends. They were all working on other projects before coming together to form Rescue Signals.

This band is one of the few bands I’ve come across that are totally devoted to the fans. Fans play a huge role in these guys’ lives. They let their fans decide everything, even the song titles. Rescue Signals is currently holding two joint contests. The first is for those creative geniuses out there who can create an authentic design for the band’s CD booklet. The other is to choose the album’s title.

Everyone is welcome to enter one or both of the contests. Contest winners will have their title and/or artwork featured in the CD booklet and their names will be mentioned in the liner notes. More information can be found at the band’s Myspace page,, under the Blog section. The release of their first record will be in the spring of 2009.

Another unique, fan-oriented aspect of Rescue Signals is their Acoustic Living Room Tour in Omaha, Neb. One lucky winner gets to host the guys in his or her living room for an intimate, acoustic performance. It started out as a small gathering of friends, but has now grown into a large group of over 100 people. This is just another great example of how dedicated they are to their fans.

Rescue Signals has also written a song for an organization called “To Write Love on Her Arms.” This organization helps teens deal with major issues, the main one being depression. The new song, “She Writes Love,” will be presented to the organization at a benefit concert with Plain White T’s on December 6 in Dallas, Texas.

The guys are also writing music for a soundtrack to a secret Universal Pictures movie. Tyler also mentioned a clothing line featuring designs similar to Ed Hardy styles and band merchandise. Needless to say, this mainstream rock band is well on their way to a pretty successful career.

Originally Published: Issue 711 - November 5, 2008

- Tiger Weekly (LSU Campus Newspaper)

"Rescue Signals (4 Stars)"

Rescue Signals,’ Rescue Signals (Rock Ridge Music, 4 stars)

Biloxi, MS
September 25, 2009

These two Sept. 22 CDs add to the wide assortment of releases from Rock Ridge, a company that’s becoming a major player in today’s increasingly fragmented music market. Rescue Signals is a Dallas, Texas-based band fronted by guitarist/keyboardist/lead vocalist Beau Tyler, who left one of the most successful unsigned bands in the Southwest, Upside, when his best friend committed suicide in 2006.

He considered quitting music then at age 21, but had a vision for the most “fan-based band on Earth” which was realized when the final Rescue Signals line up (bassist Michael Marhefka, drummer Bryan Nicholas and guitarist Noah Galaviz joined the fold.

The vocals are cool, there’s a power-pop feel to some songs (like the Johnny Ramone-meets-piano-driven “When I Still Believed,” the regretful “Every Word You Said,” the cynically regretful “Favorite Kind of Pain” and the acoustic-based “Up On a Wire.”

Fans of power-pop and “alternative rock” with good vocals will enjoy this one. - SunHerald

"Oct 16: Rescue Signals (United States)"

"...Having shared the stage with some larger known bands across the U.S., Rescue Signals and Tyler's brand of pop rock may be the new self-aware music necessary to fuel the future of the alternative rock indie genre..." - New Music Daily


Debut Album "Indecisions" hit stores September 22nd, 2009.



Biography written by Rescue Signals' Publicist Krista Mettler.

What do you do when you’re the guitarist for one of the most successful unsigned bands in the Mid- and Southwest, your best friend kills himself, and you realize that the reasons you play music simply aren’t enough anymore? The answer: you shake things up and find the difference between what you have and what you really need. Such was the case when Rescue Signals’ singer Beau Tyler left the band Upside in the summer of 2006.

“I didn’t really know what to do next,” recalls Tyler. “Should I keep playing music, or should I hang it up? At 21 years old, I knew that quitting wouldn’t be the worst mistake I had ever made. I decided that if I was going to stay in the game, it had to be for something more than personal glory.”

Tyler stuck to these convictions, and only one year after leaving Upside, he formed Rescue Signals under the following guidelines: to be the most fan-based band on earth; to be a cure, not a cause; and to give people something to believe in.

Once he had a mission in place, the task was left to find a very rare set of musicians who could aid in the conquest of this goal. In an age where being in a band often isn’t much more than a popularity contest or having the best hair, this would prove difficult. Over the next year the final lineup, however, was secured with the addition of bassist Michael Marhefka, and guitarist Noah Galaviz.

“Even though the majority of our debut album had been written by me before the arrival of most of the members,” says Tyler, “Rescue Signals didn’t come to fully realize itself until the final lineup was in place. I think my vision has brought out a better side of each member, and their brilliance has brought out the best in me. None of us could ever be as successful without the other. It’s a beautifully terrifying situation to be in.”

Fan involvement, the thing Tyler considers most important about the band, proved to be an easy task and one that has been embraced fully. The band’s forthcoming album, “Indecisions,” was named via a fan contest on the band’s MySpace page, as was a still-unreleased song, “Sing To Me,” which was available for download for only a short time to fans. The band has also enlisted their fans to design t-shirts for them as well. An early Acoustic Living Room tour proved so successful that Rescue Signals hopes to take it on the road much more widely in the future. They’ve also offered RS-TV (Rescue Signals TV) to fans, which includes behind-the-scenes glimpses into touring, rehearsal, and special twice-monthly acoustic performances (completed wherever possible – dressing rooms, hotel rooms, etc.), during which fans could request songs. Already the band has ideas for many additional ways to involve their fans in their world online.

In only 18 months as a band, Rescue Signals’ mission has proven to be solid. They have already signed a record deal with Rock Ridge Music, racked up an immensely loyal following everywhere from Dallas, Texas, to Lincoln, Nebraska, and played with countless national acts such as Anberlin and Quietdrive.

So what can we learn from this band? Sometimes you have to burn your life down to start over. Sometimes you have to believe in yourself, before you can believe in something better.

Rescue Signals is:
Beau Tyler (Lead Vocals. Guitar, Piano)
Mike Marhefka (Guitar. Piano)
Noah Galaviz (Guitar. Backup Vocals)
Steven Currie (Bass. Backup Vocals)


Since Rescue Signals began playing live in January of 2008, the band has already been seen sharing the stage with such signed bands as:

Alive In Wild Paint - Equal Vision
Anberlin - Universal Republic
Buckfast Superbee - Walking Records
Danger Radio - Photo Finish Records
The Benjy Davis Project - Rock Ridge Music
Deas Vail - Brave New World Records
Framing Hanley - Silent Majority Group
Jonezetta - Tooth & Nail
Kessler - YMA Records
Mansions - Doghouse Records
Mayday Parade - Fearless Records
Meriwether - Interscope Records
Mest - Maverick Records
The New Frontiers - The Militia Group
Chase Pagan - The Militia Group
Red Car Wire - Universal/Motown
Quiet Company - Northern Records
Quiet Drive - Red Ink
Rookie of the Year - One Eleven Records
Signum - Silent Majority Group
Stellar Kart - Word Records
The Steps - Playing In Traffic Records
Superchick - Hold Records

On October 1st, 2008 Rescue Signals officially signed a record deal with Rock Ridge Music. Rock Ridge Music is distributed worldwide via ADA (Warner Music Group).