Our music has been compared to bands from Pearl Jam to Pink Floyd to Tool, and while you'll find similarities we've maintained a sound that is ours alone. Our stage shows are dynamic and engaging without relying on theatrics or costumes to keep peoples attention.


We're a band that for the last 5 years has spent their time crafting good music rather than an elaborate stage show. You won't find us jumping off the drum set or lighting things on fire, but you will find a band who is passionate about making that connection with an audience that can only come from a well crafted song. We don't worry about what we're wearing, how our hair looks, or if our makeup is on right. We concern ourselves with whether or not our songs convey a truth and an honesty that we ourselves look for in music. Our shows are an experience with music.


In the Ether - 5 song Demo, 2003
Open for Exile - Full length album, 2006
The Projectionist (in progress) - Full length album, 2008

We've had Never Meant to Last from 'Open for Exile' played in regular rotation on IggyRocks internet radio station, making it to the top 10 listener favorites list on 5 occaisions, once as number 1.

Set List

A good number of our songs are pretty long, so a typical half hour-fourty five minute set only consists of maybe 4-5 songs, but we have plenty material to play up to an hour and a half set at any given time. We don't do covers, everything is original. Since our songs are so varied in style, we usually craft our setlists to cater to the particular show we're playing. If we're booked on a metal show, we'll play heavy, if we're playing in a coffee shop, we'll pull out the acoustics and play unplugged. We can usually fit ourselves into any gig and not sound like we're forcing it.